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Required Weekly Listening

Keeping up with the news isn’t always fun, but these two guys make it not just bearable but enjoyable. The world we live in now is crazy and needs to be laughed at or else we’ll all lose our minds. Consider this informative therapy.

Great stuff

Look forward to this podcast every week.

So Funny!

Hands down, my favorite podcast.

Great show!

Been listening for a little over a year... I’m actually back logged into your 2016 recordings lol but anyhow, you two have opened my eyes on topics I could’ve never imagined I’d be changing my beliefs/opinions about. You guys are great. Thanks for doing what you do.

The reason I started listening to podcasts

I started listening to this show about two years ago and fell in love immediately. Tom and Cecil, marry me? But really, I had never listened to a podcast before finding Cognitive Dissonance and it completely changed my life. I even went back to listen to all of their episodes since the beginning. Now I wait for new episodes on Mondays like a kid waiting for Christmas. This podcast is insightful and hilarious in all the best ways. I can’t recommend it enough to all of my friends (the non-religious ones anyways).

Funny,Entertaining, and on point

This is one of my favorite podcast. The mix of serious political/religious talk and hilarious hijinx is perfect. The podcast is generally centered around current political and religious stories, making fun of the right has never been more fun and scary at the same time. It's also one of the longest running podcast in the genre, that being mostly atheist related.

Great Show

This is a great show for someone that lives in the south. It seems you would have to be a troll to rate this less. However, I also hear my name on this show, but usually not in a good way.🤣

Hilarious and insightful

Gentlemen, I can’t thank you enough for this show.

I can never get enough

Keep it up guys, this show is too hilarious.

Two funniest guys on the internet

Two funniest guys on the internet. Give them a listen.

My Saviors

If these guys ever quit the show, I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. I listen to the show while in the tub.

Very necessary

Much needed in today's times. Thank you!

Look forward to weekly

I’ve been listening for years since I became an atheist, and this has been an excellent podcast that brightens my Monday mornings every week!

Absolutely addicting

I’ve been listening to this podcast every week for well over a year and I just want to say this podcast never goes stale. Hysterical news, great riffing by Cecil and Tom, and extremely interesting guests keep me coming back every week.

Great Show!!

Keep up the good work. Drink more egg nog!


Insightful and hilarious!!!!

More of this please

Gives me a reason to get up early every Monday. Please keep up the great work guys!


Been a listener for a few years now. Thank u for making this show guys!! God bless u!😂

A thrill ride into the abyss

If you’re looking for that podcast that makes you angry, disappointed, then ultimately has you laughing with your headphones on in a crowded red line train, this is the show for you.

Best part of my Monday!

This show makes my Mondays much easier to handle!

Can't get enough.

Well done guys! A hilarious podcast that unabashedly blasphemous.

You missed Honeycrisp ya jagovs

5 stars for the critique capitalism and crappy apples. Honeycrisp for life though.

5 star

Love it. The guys are hilarious and bring cultural awareness to the forefront. You got a loyal listener in me fellas.

Stop swearing otherwise great

Content is great but guys just don’t swear so much and just talk like you have intelligence present the subject matter with some decorum please, however you are funny and your. Opinion. I’m sure spot on


The podcast that got me into podcasts. Also, thanks for a slightly less terrible Monday morning commute.

Awesome 👏

I don’t like to be angry- I prefer to find the humor in even the darkest of places. When the world is really making me angry, these guys help me laugh in spite of it all.

Lovely guys

Don’t let all the homoerotic Jesus stuff throw you. These are really good guys and we’re lucky they’re still plugging away at that glory hole, mf’s.


You guys are the best!!!

An outlet for rage and laughter!

I’ve been listening to these guys for five years now and the show hasn’t missed a beat in regards to quality. If you are angry, if you’re an atheist, if you like dark humor this is the show for you!