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Secular, Skeptical, & Hilarious

Love listening to these guys. Found them through Citation Needed- which I also highly recommend.

My favorite podcast

Perfect mix of humor and serious analysis of current events from an atheist and skeptic perspective. They make me laugh out loud every episode. Been a weekly listener for years and since become a patron.

Popping cherries

An excellent primer into understanding an athiest, skeptical view of the world around us.


One of the best podcasts for current events, antitheism, and other related awesomeness.

Funniest atheist news podcast hosted by two guys named Tom and Cecil

What more needs to be said? Definitely check them out. Unless you hate humor. Or fun.

Always fun and informative

I love Tom and Cecil. They talk about stuff going on in the world and are both serious and make light of the news. They are saving my sanity at work when every coworker is blasting Rush Limbal and the deep void of their echo chambers.

Unapologetically Great

A perfect balance between humour and serious investigative journalism. This podcast is two genuinely good guys who know the difference between punching up and down make fun of everything, and especially themselves. This podcast involves a lot of jokes about truly stupid people (who cause real harm to others) and some suprisingly thorough deep dives into the most vital topics of our time. It's definitately NSFW, but it isn't crude for the sake of being crude. Of of the 45 podcast I listen to, this one has consistently been my favorite for years.

Who's that on the other side of the gloryhOle? It's Cecil and Tom!

It’s skeptical. It’s political. And there is no welcome mat! Does all the bs in the current news cycle have you scrambling to find your sanity? Are you sick of efforts to turn the US and other secular nations into a theocracy? Does the current political climate have you baffled, terrified, and yearning for manned missions to other habitable planets? Are you tired of the relentless cacophony that is religion? You are not alone! Cecil and Tom, the hosts of Cognitive Dissonance, are the kind of guys you just want to hang out with and laugh (and laugh and laugh!). They share your frustration, your outrage, your need for a world where people are free to think and question, -rather than a world that swallows loads of mindless superstition, hypocrisy, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and outright lies. In short, they f-ing rock!

Like a sloppy kiss from your crush!

You don’t care how it makes you look in public because you’re so into it. Enjoy listening to it with my lizard friends while drinking egg nog.


Good, pretty, colorful, would call back.

Telling It Like It Is

Tom and Cecil are two of the funniest guys on the internets. But don't let that fool you. They're smart, they’re insightful, and they're not afraid to say exactly what's on their minds. I only have a few must-listen podcasts, and Cognitive Dissonance is definitely one of them. Keep up the great work, guys!

Cognitive Dissonance Review

Cognitivie Dissonance is by far my favorite podcast. The hosts deal with the serious to the silly in a fun, funny and thought provoking way. Their political commentary is the best. And it is amazing how they find the most outrageous, ridiculous and absurd political commentary from people who clearly have no clue but, absurdly, have a following out there in the world. Cecil and Tom introduce us to these outrageous "thought leaders" (I wouldn't call them that but clearly others in the world do) and then expose them in the most engaging and hilarious ways. When on holiday or long car rides, my teenage son and I listen to episodes over and over again, and every time we listen we laugh just as hard as the first time we heard the show and also find new nuggets we had missed. I am also struck and touched by many of the very serious topics Cecil and Tom cover -- I have been introduced to social justice, environmental and political topics and organizations that are thought provoking and inspirational. Great Great Podcast!

Don't miss this podcast

Tom & Cecil are decent regular guys with worthwhile level-headed comments on events in the news. They are foul-mouthed but very funny. Their self-deprecating humor reminds me of Car Talk.

Glory 👌

Before 2019 i had never sat down and listened to a podcast. I had heard clips of joe rogan and stuff but never actively went out to listen to one. I cant remember why but i was feeling particularly grouchy and atheisty and was tired of my music so i figured id try a podcast out. I searched for atheist on spotify and found one podcast that was okay, but was a little dry for my taste. Disappointed, i was about to go back to my music but decided to check the ‘more like this’ section and found cognitive dissonance. I started off on episode 454 and ended up loving it. The raunchy humor and visceral obliteration of stupid religious stories titillated me on every level. I decided id start going back through the backlog telling myself if the episodes started sucking id just wait for new episodes, im currently listening to episode 53 and going strong. If you hate religion and love raunchy humor and dead baby jokes, THIS is the podcast for YOU!

Top shelf podcast!

This podcast is like sitting at the bar with your mates chatting about life. I’ve been listening since episode 50’ish. Tom and Cecil laugh heartily at their own jokes and its infectious. Give this one a shot!

Funny and irreverent

Hilarious shows religion for what it truly is MADNESS!! Makes fun of these so called prophets and “men of god”.

A genuinely good show.

The commentary on this show is some of the most interesting and thought-provoking political commentary out there. Tom and Cecil balance funny with important and keep me up to speed every week. These guys are great to meet at conferences and live shows as well! Long-time patron of the show; give Gary one of those special hugs for me.

One of the Best

I have a lot of podcasts but always make sure that this one gets listened to the day it drops.


Love this podcast and love the guys hosting.

One of the best

A fun irreverent view of current events from an atheist / skeptic perspective.

Great Podcast

Been listening for years. Show keeps Getting better. Their Citation Needed sister podcast is hilarious.

A must have

This is one podcast I never miss. Important and often times edgy news of the day is handled with humor and intellegence. The other Gloryhole productions are also worth checking out.

Very irreverent and funny atheist and skeptic perspective

Very straightforward, funny, irreverent, but thoughtful discussions on atheist and current political topics, especially in America. Tom and Cecil have a very good chemistry, and the two are able to keep interesting conversations going, sometimes in very interesting and unexpected directions!

These Heretical Monsters....

I just relased so much love while listening to this pod. Love you guies.

These guys are the best!

I’ve learned so much from these guys over the last few years. If you don’t have this podcast in your library, you are truly missing out.

These Guys are Funny - and Informative!

A very nice addition to this genre of podcasts that I enjoy.

We may not be screwed after all

These guys are intelligent, articulate, passionate, social justice warriors. Listening to this podcast has turned me into a better human being. They do charity fundraising, awesome satire, and regularly make me laugh so hard that I have to lean against a wall for support until the laughing fit is done; the way I used to laugh as a child. Best.

Thanks for the laughs!

My favorite podcast for several years now. Really proud of the success you guys are having.

Love them!!

I’ve been a weekly listener for years and can’t believe I forgot to rate them. If you consider yourself a humor-loving skeptic, this is definitely the first podcast you should subscribe to!! Glory!!

Love the humor

Great podcast which makes my week. They find the stories I can’t find because I am unwilling to sully myself by wading into that murky swamp. Exposing the silliness of these stories is hilarious. Keep up the great work!