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Great show

I listen to this show to learn about the morons and grifters in the world and who the watch out for as well as the laughs. The most resent LOL was being “gator man” and mom catching you in the tub but can only see your eyes. That big made me laugh so hard

Great show

I enjoy this show

Worst Trump Prophets ever! 😂

Hilarious prognostications on Trump looking back! I shared the exact astonishment as I watched it unfold. Glory hole!

No medical info fm podcasts?

You guys need to check out the ‘Microbe TV’ family of podcasts, ‘This Week in Virology’, ‘Immune’, and ‘This Week in Microbiology’.Dr. Vincent Racanianello and his cohosts won’t steer you wrong! Science. Get some.

My favorite skeptics…except when it came to Covid

I enjoy listening to these guys and agree with them on almost everything. However, they disappointed me with their lack of skepticism and questioning in the later phase of Covid-19. They and other skeptics became MAGA Blue or sounded like religious authoritarians and demonized anyone that asked questions. Their stance on take the shot and ask no questions because science says so was echoed by many as they ignored or drowned out the traditional scientific method. Because these guys and some other of my favorite skeptics REFUSED to ask questions regarding Covid-19 I was temporarily forced to stomach and listen in on shows like Ben Shapiro, Fox News, The McCullough Report, etc. All of whom I disagree with 99% of the time. But at least they were asking questions about Covid and talking to doctors that questioned the vaccine and had alternative treatment methods.

Amazing podcast and livestreams!

These two were my introduction to the modern day skeptic podcastosphere, couldn’t ask for two more insanely well-educated, worldly, and intelligent yet unpretentious men to start with. Providing insightful takes back to back with unrelenting humor. And of course, a shout out must be made to Ian’s ad skits! Love it!


You people Fri king rock this is a good podcast I have a question do you even read these if you read this in the next episode please say “ we see you lonewulf779 “

Long time listener

I’ve been a listener for over 10 years and I don’t plan on stopping!

Not bad, although…

Their jokes are generally funny, the segments are informative at times, and their fundraising efforts are very noble, but their Liberal reactionary tendencies (lukewarm center-left) will leave you rolling your eyes and reaching for the “Advance 30sec” button.

Love you guys but…

I really love all your shows, but please stop fake laughing.

Thank you

I’m a 41 year old wife and mother of an 8 year old and a two year old and I never thought I could personally have an abortion but was always pro-choice. I had an abortion last year. My husband wasn’t thrilled about it but was very supportive and said that it was completely my decision. This episode meant so much to me, and I just wanted to say thank you.

I’m not alone

This podcast gives me hope that there are good people out there.

Love the show

Keep up the great work guys!

One of my all time favorite podcasts

I actually look forward to Mondays now. I love starting my week off with these guys. Great insights. Very funny.

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We need another Ian and Gary song parody commercial.

Such a great podcast

It’s like sitting at a bar with friends talking about what’s going on. So much fun!

Laughing while I think

I love this show, would not miss an episode. Tom and Cecil make me laugh but they also make me think critically about the news.

Credulity is not a virtue

It’s a skeptical, political, and hilarious because if we don’t laugh we will break down and cry.

These Guys Are Funny!

I just started listening to this podcast a couple of weeks ago and love them! Try them out.

Great podcast, funny and informative

Tom & Cecil are to the secular community what Car Talk was to NPR So Far MY favorite podcast

Funny and serious at the same time

This show is fantastic. Tom and Cecil strike a difficult-to-achieve balance between being hilarious and being sober about serious topics. And their constant ribbing of Ian is always good for a chuckle (: I’m so glad there are 600+ episodes so I can keep listening ad infinitum!

Love it

They don’t get everything right but they’re on the side of good and have good intentions. I wish more people would make pods like this and listen to pods like this instead of listening to political, financial and health grifters. 🙏🏼

Tom and Cecil are the best!

I have been a listener for many years. Tom and Cecil are intelligent, compassionate and hilarious. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If Jackass were a podcast for smart people

I’m a longtime listener. I appreciate their humanist perspective. Seriously though, they laugh just like Johnny Knoxville!

Great podcast

I jumped in just prior to the pandemic not knowing anything about these guys. Honestly, it took a few episodes to get into, but this quickly became my favorite podcast. I love their sense of humor and biting words for any nonsense they come across. I look forward to every new episode!

One of the originals

Been listening for a very long time and never miss an episode. People who complain about how much they laugh clearly cant appreciate joy.


Please research Dr. Peter McCullough. Really research … put your biases aside … and research through a medical lens vs. a political one. Please.

Love these guys!

Been listening to them since I was 15! 10/10 humorous news source for brightening up this dark and desperate timeline.