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Thank you

I’m a 41 year old wife and mother of an 8 year old and a two year old and I never thought I could personally have an abortion but was always pro-choice. I had an abortion last year. My husband wasn’t thrilled about it but was very supportive and said that it was completely my decision. This episode meant so much to me, and I just wanted to say thank you.

I’m not alone

This podcast gives me hope that there are good people out there.

Love the show

Keep up the great work guys!

One of my all time favorite podcasts

I actually look forward to Mondays now. I love starting my week off with these guys. Great insights. Very funny.

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We need another Ian and Gary song parody commercial.

Such a great podcast

It’s like sitting at a bar with friends talking about what’s going on. So much fun!

Laughing while I think

I love this show, would not miss an episode. Tom and Cecil make me laugh but they also make me think critically about the news.

Credulity is not a virtue

It’s a skeptical, political, and hilarious because if we don’t laugh we will break down and cry.

These Guys Are Funny!

I just started listening to this podcast a couple of weeks ago and love them! Try them out.

Great podcast, funny and informative

Tom & Cecil are to the secular community what Car Talk was to NPR So Far MY favorite podcast

Funny and serious at the same time

This show is fantastic. Tom and Cecil strike a difficult-to-achieve balance between being hilarious and being sober about serious topics. And their constant ribbing of Ian is always good for a chuckle (: I’m so glad there are 600+ episodes so I can keep listening ad infinitum!

Love it

They don’t get everything right but they’re on the side of good and have good intentions. I wish more people would make pods like this and listen to pods like this instead of listening to political, financial and health grifters. 🙏🏼

Tom and Cecil are the best!

I have been a listener for many years. Tom and Cecil are intelligent, compassionate and hilarious. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If Jackass were a podcast for smart people

I’m a longtime listener. I appreciate their humanist perspective. Seriously though, they laugh just like Johnny Knoxville!

Great podcast

I jumped in just prior to the pandemic not knowing anything about these guys. Honestly, it took a few episodes to get into, but this quickly became my favorite podcast. I love their sense of humor and biting words for any nonsense they come across. I look forward to every new episode!

One of the originals

Been listening for a very long time and never miss an episode. People who complain about how much they laugh clearly cant appreciate joy.


Please research Dr. Peter McCullough. Really research … put your biases aside … and research through a medical lens vs. a political one. Please.

Love these guys!

Been listening to them since I was 15! 10/10 humorous news source for brightening up this dark and desperate timeline.

At last!

Finished! Listened to every! Single! Episode! Had I known penance for being a mormon would be so…..unspeakable, I’d have chosen door # 2 or 3 instead. But now it’s done, I can move on….What?…speak up…. No!….More episodes? Every week? Never be finished??!! NOOOOOOOO!…… Seriously, from a 69 year old former Morbot, thanks for what you do. Since “leaving the faith” over 10 years ago, I’ve worked hard at getting the brain to learn critical thinking. You, Tom and Cecil, are helping me do that every time I listen to your irreverent and angry rants about whatever makes you mad. Strangely, the same topics seem to make me mad as well. Again, thank you. With greatest respect, Randy


I love this podcast

Binge-Worthy and Sanity-Saving

Over the past three months, I have suffered through the entirety of Cog. Diss's backlog. While I have to refrain from making "gloryhole" references in my daily life, this podcast has truly made me laugh consistently, while simultaneously angering me. I love the chemistry between Tom and Cecil, and the production value is beyond spectacular (thanks Cecil). I can't wait to hear your rants about the upcoming presidential debates! Update: I’m not sure when I wrote my original review, but I’ve been a loyal fan since day one. These two have kept me sane through grad school, a gameshow host presidency, and a pandemic. You really can’t get any better than that!

Cognative disadance

I’ve been listening to the podcast from the start. I am literally every single. I love you guys. I have to say I can’t stand the squeaky voice commercials

Ian’s ads

Listen just for Ian’s ads.


Tom and Cecil are wonderful. This on my weekly rotation of podcasts that I listen to without fail. I love that they don't shy away from difficult topics and I appreciate their points of view as more experienced atheists. This is absolutely one of the best atheist podcasts out there, hands down.

Best podcast ever. Best Adam and Eve ads ever.

Episode 572 has the best ad skit for Adam and ever i laughed for ever. This podcast has been my all time favorite alongside citation needed, the skepticrat, the scathing atheist, god awful movies and lastly D and D minus not as much but a little. These guys are smart and they haven’t lied about any news stories as far as I’m aware which some news sources will do. Thanks Tom and Cecil please keep up the good work I don’t want to live in a world with no new content from you guys!!!!


They never fail to make me laugh as well as get me fired up at the crazy world we live in. Cecil and Tom are awesome, have big hearts, and are never shy to make fun of garbage people!

Thank you

These guys helped me a lot when I realized I was an atheist. I went through this period where I wondered if there was any purpose to life. I also felt like there were no other atheists around to chat with. This show, along with a few others, really buoyed me. The show is absolutely hilarious. These guys are awesome.

Please contact this First Assembly of God , Gal

I would like to know exactly everything you believe as I am struggling in my faith. Thank you. Shantel

Stars and Stripes

An American classic.

Totally Excellent Show!

I love this podcast and I still agree with Eli Bosnick when he was on the show! Episode number 555 Fake Phone Number 👻

No choice

I’ve listened to this podcast for years, and loathed every minute of it. Long have I sat stone-faced as Tom and Cecil told jokes that didn’t land about subjects I consider off-limits while espousing political opinions contrary to my own. On a recent episode however they made a hilarious comment I completely agreed with about something I considered well-deserving of ridicule. Alas that leaves me no choice but to give them a five star review in response. May glory be thy whole, gentlemen.

Episode 548

I became the bad neighbor after an incident with the woman below me. In my apartment, the hardwood floors are extremely warped and our walls are paper thin. Most of us are single men and women, in our late 20s to early 30s. With that said, adult noises that are made, will be heard. One day, the neighbor underneath me complained to me about my adult activities and the sounds accompanied by them. I reply with “your sounds are just as loud and clear.” During her next rendezvous, one of her suitors had parked in my designated parking spot. As a physically disabled combat veteran, I found it quite irritating to find my parking spot used by a vehicle that is not familiar with the building. Eventually, her date exits the unit, we lock eyes and not a single word was made as they make my parking spot available to me. A week passes and we never speak about the incident. I never get an apology; whenever we pass in the hallway, I get a good old-fashioned scowl. For the next three years (until she left), I stomped around in my old combat boots as if they were house slippers, started a smoking habit out of spite, and was the host of several orgies in my unit. I would name more activities, but to tickle your imagination; for every holiday, there was a loud, room shaking event on top of her.

Another tried and true favorite

I left a similar review on the GAM podcast, but I’m here also to say that this podcast is the best! I’ve been listening for years and it’s just one of those podcasts I look forward to every week without fail. I love Tom & Cecil’s humor, and how you guys break down big topics, making them easy to understand and hilarious. This show is comforting and constant in a world that can be harsh and chaotic.

So sane, the insane is obvious

News, politics, and morality of the culture are such interesting topics Cecil and Tom have the best grasp of humor to fill their commentary with. I listen every week and even caught up on the catalogue. The history of what we have gone through really puts things into perspective. The things I care about as an atheist concerned about freedom of thought and religion and such issues are all covered in the scope of this show. I even have gained new incites into foundations Vulgarity for Charity and Modest Needs.

BLUF - Hilarious

As far as media goes this show is the highlight of my week. Every week.

You guys are total heartthrobs!

I think these are the only two guys on the planet who could tell a rape joke without offending me. Thank you for standing up for women and against religion, this show keeps me sane when politics are really pissing me off. For me, filled the space The Daily Show left behind, but way more vulgar and way more areligious, which is perfect. Only suggestion is to read up a little bit more on science before blabbering about it out loud. I definitely spit out my beer listening to the episode where they both got confused about “spinning blood samples”- apparently they weren’t aware of centrifuges. This goes for most of the off-the-cuff chemistry / biology comments on the show.

My Audio BFFs

Tom & Cecil have been bright spots on hard days for the last couple years for me. If I need comfort or entertainment or company on lonely days, I turn them on. Living in the Bible Belt as an atheist can feel impossible sometimes and knowing they’re just headphones away is everything.


Fantastic content. Funny, topical, and doesn’t hold back as we watch the country become closer and closer to the movie Idiocracy.

Good ol boys

Listen for all the crass political and cultural commentary your inner heretic can handle.

Thanks guys

This podcast helps preserve my sanity on a weekly basis.

Just be honest.

Just be honest

Sassy and crass

Got emotionally damaged, would listen again....

Love the show

Cognitive Dissonance was my first intro into the world of atheist podcasts. Even in a relatively liberal city, I don’t know a lot of “out” atheists, so having these guys in my ears has been cathartic and hilarious, especially in the last four years. Sometimes I want to yell into the void and other times I want to point and laugh at its absurdity, and this show gives you both. GLORYHOLE.


Definitely my favorite podcast and the podcast that actually got me into podcasts. It’s been a while since you guys mentioned your ratings, but I mostly see five star reviews so I guess the people who hate your laughing have finally found other podcasts. Five stars and gloryhole 🤘🏻

Love them

These guys helped me through some tough times, and I’m sure I’m not alone! Thanks for making me laugh when nothing else was working!

California Ripper

A California Ripper would smell like kale not broccoli!

Gl*ry H*le M*ther F~ckers!!!!!

Faithful listener for ~6 years. Never fails to inspire, make me spit take at least once an episode, and challenge my thought process on key issues.

I want to have a beer with these guys.

Look forward to this podcast every week as well as the stream on Thursdays. While these guys are absolutely hilarious, they also dive into some serious discussions which I always find very entertaining. Definitely worth a listen!

Best Show

I love this show i have been listening to this show since the begining i think i started around episode 3.

The glory hole is deeper than you think

Come for the jokes, stay for the in depth thought.

Great podcast

Awesome mix of news and comedy. Very enjoyable.

Makes Monday’s less Awful

Almost every week! Seriously though, always look forward to it. Just happy to feel a little less like I’m taking crazy pills.

Episode 512

These 5 stars are 100% thanx to Gary for reminding me that I’m a terrible person.

Preaching to the Choir

If you a left leaning skeptic/athiest this is your show.

Secular, Skeptical, & Hilarious

Love listening to these guys. Found them through Citation Needed- which I also highly recommend.

My favorite podcast

Perfect mix of humor and serious analysis of current events from an atheist and skeptic perspective. They make me laugh out loud every episode. Been a weekly listener for years and since become a patron.

Popping cherries

An excellent primer into understanding an athiest, skeptical view of the world around us.


One of the best podcasts for current events, antitheism, and other related awesomeness.

Funniest atheist news podcast hosted by two guys named Tom and Cecil

What more needs to be said? Definitely check them out. Unless you hate humor. Or fun.

Always fun and informative

I love Tom and Cecil. They talk about stuff going on in the world and are both serious and make light of the news. They are saving my sanity at work when every coworker is blasting Rush Limbal and the deep void of their echo chambers.

Unapologetically Great

A perfect balance between humour and serious investigative journalism. This podcast is two genuinely good guys who know the difference between punching up and down make fun of everything, and especially themselves. This podcast involves a lot of jokes about truly stupid people (who cause real harm to others) and some suprisingly thorough deep dives into the most vital topics of our time. It's definitately NSFW, but it isn't crude for the sake of being crude. Of of the 45 podcast I listen to, this one has consistently been my favorite for years.

Who's that on the other side of the gloryhOle? It's Cecil and Tom!

It’s skeptical. It’s political. And there is no welcome mat! Does all the bs in the current news cycle have you scrambling to find your sanity? Are you sick of efforts to turn the US and other secular nations into a theocracy? Does the current political climate have you baffled, terrified, and yearning for manned missions to other habitable planets? Are you tired of the relentless cacophony that is religion? You are not alone! Cecil and Tom, the hosts of Cognitive Dissonance, are the kind of guys you just want to hang out with and laugh (and laugh and laugh!). They share your frustration, your outrage, your need for a world where people are free to think and question, -rather than a world that swallows loads of mindless superstition, hypocrisy, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and outright lies. In short, they f-ing rock!

Like a sloppy kiss from your crush!

You don’t care how it makes you look in public because you’re so into it. Enjoy listening to it with my lizard friends while drinking egg nog.


Good, pretty, colorful, would call back.

Telling It Like It Is

Tom and Cecil are two of the funniest guys on the internets. But don't let that fool you. They're smart, they’re insightful, and they're not afraid to say exactly what's on their minds. I only have a few must-listen podcasts, and Cognitive Dissonance is definitely one of them. Keep up the great work, guys!

Cognitive Dissonance Review

Cognitivie Dissonance is by far my favorite podcast. The hosts deal with the serious to the silly in a fun, funny and thought provoking way. Their political commentary is the best. And it is amazing how they find the most outrageous, ridiculous and absurd political commentary from people who clearly have no clue but, absurdly, have a following out there in the world. Cecil and Tom introduce us to these outrageous "thought leaders" (I wouldn't call them that but clearly others in the world do) and then expose them in the most engaging and hilarious ways. When on holiday or long car rides, my teenage son and I listen to episodes over and over again, and every time we listen we laugh just as hard as the first time we heard the show and also find new nuggets we had missed. I am also struck and touched by many of the very serious topics Cecil and Tom cover -- I have been introduced to social justice, environmental and political topics and organizations that are thought provoking and inspirational. Great Great Podcast!

Don't miss this podcast

Tom & Cecil are decent regular guys with worthwhile level-headed comments on events in the news. They are foul-mouthed but very funny. Their self-deprecating humor reminds me of Car Talk.

Glory 👌

Before 2019 i had never sat down and listened to a podcast. I had heard clips of joe rogan and stuff but never actively went out to listen to one. I cant remember why but i was feeling particularly grouchy and atheisty and was tired of my music so i figured id try a podcast out. I searched for atheist on spotify and found one podcast that was okay, but was a little dry for my taste. Disappointed, i was about to go back to my music but decided to check the ‘more like this’ section and found cognitive dissonance. I started off on episode 454 and ended up loving it. The raunchy humor and visceral obliteration of stupid religious stories titillated me on every level. I decided id start going back through the backlog telling myself if the episodes started sucking id just wait for new episodes, im currently listening to episode 53 and going strong. If you hate religion and love raunchy humor and dead baby jokes, THIS is the podcast for YOU!

Top shelf podcast!

This podcast is like sitting at the bar with your mates chatting about life. I’ve been listening since episode 50’ish. Tom and Cecil laugh heartily at their own jokes and its infectious. Give this one a shot!

Funny and irreverent

Hilarious shows religion for what it truly is MADNESS!! Makes fun of these so called prophets and “men of god”.

A genuinely good show.

The commentary on this show is some of the most interesting and thought-provoking political commentary out there. Tom and Cecil balance funny with important and keep me up to speed every week. These guys are great to meet at conferences and live shows as well! Long-time patron of the show; give Gary one of those special hugs for me.

One of the Best

I have a lot of podcasts but always make sure that this one gets listened to the day it drops.


Love this podcast and love the guys hosting.

One of the best

A fun irreverent view of current events from an atheist / skeptic perspective.

Great Podcast

Been listening for years. Show keeps Getting better. Their Citation Needed sister podcast is hilarious.

A must have

This is one podcast I never miss. Important and often times edgy news of the day is handled with humor and intellegence. The other Gloryhole productions are also worth checking out.

Very irreverent and funny atheist and skeptic perspective

Very straightforward, funny, irreverent, but thoughtful discussions on atheist and current political topics, especially in America. Tom and Cecil have a very good chemistry, and the two are able to keep interesting conversations going, sometimes in very interesting and unexpected directions!

These Heretical Monsters....

I just relased so much love while listening to this pod. Love you guies.

These guys are the best!

I’ve learned so much from these guys over the last few years. If you don’t have this podcast in your library, you are truly missing out.

These Guys are Funny - and Informative!

A very nice addition to this genre of podcasts that I enjoy.

We may not be screwed after all

These guys are intelligent, articulate, passionate, social justice warriors. Listening to this podcast has turned me into a better human being. They do charity fundraising, awesome satire, and regularly make me laugh so hard that I have to lean against a wall for support until the laughing fit is done; the way I used to laugh as a child. Best.

Thanks for the laughs!

My favorite podcast for several years now. Really proud of the success you guys are having.

Love them!!

I’ve been a weekly listener for years and can’t believe I forgot to rate them. If you consider yourself a humor-loving skeptic, this is definitely the first podcast you should subscribe to!! Glory!!

Love the humor

Great podcast which makes my week. They find the stories I can’t find because I am unwilling to sully myself by wading into that murky swamp. Exposing the silliness of these stories is hilarious. Keep up the great work!

Required Weekly Listening

Keeping up with the news isn’t always fun, but these two guys make it not just bearable but enjoyable. The world we live in now is crazy and needs to be laughed at or else we’ll all lose our minds. Consider this informative therapy.

Great stuff

Look forward to this podcast every week.

So Funny!

Hands down, my favorite podcast.

Great show!

Been listening for a little over a year... I’m actually back logged into your 2016 recordings lol but anyhow, you two have opened my eyes on topics I could’ve never imagined I’d be changing my beliefs/opinions about. You guys are great. Thanks for doing what you do.

The reason I started listening to podcasts

I started listening to this show about two years ago and fell in love immediately. Tom and Cecil, marry me? But really, I had never listened to a podcast before finding Cognitive Dissonance and it completely changed my life. I even went back to listen to all of their episodes since the beginning. Now I wait for new episodes on Mondays like a kid waiting for Christmas. This podcast is insightful and hilarious in all the best ways. I can’t recommend it enough to all of my friends (the non-religious ones anyways).

Funny,Entertaining, and on point

This is one of my favorite podcast. The mix of serious political/religious talk and hilarious hijinx is perfect. The podcast is generally centered around current political and religious stories, making fun of the right has never been more fun and scary at the same time. It's also one of the longest running podcast in the genre, that being mostly atheist related.

Great Show

This is a great show for someone that lives in the south. It seems you would have to be a troll to rate this less. However, I also hear my name on this show, but usually not in a good way.🤣

Hilarious and insightful

Gentlemen, I can’t thank you enough for this show.

I can never get enough

Keep it up guys, this show is too hilarious.

Two funniest guys on the internet

Two funniest guys on the internet. Give them a listen.

My Saviors

If these guys ever quit the show, I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. I listen to the show while in the tub.

Very necessary

Much needed in today's times. Thank you!

Look forward to weekly

I’ve been listening for years since I became an atheist, and this has been an excellent podcast that brightens my Monday mornings every week!

Absolutely addicting

I’ve been listening to this podcast every week for well over a year and I just want to say this podcast never goes stale. Hysterical news, great riffing by Cecil and Tom, and extremely interesting guests keep me coming back every week.

Great Show!!

Keep up the good work. Drink more egg nog!


Insightful and hilarious!!!!

More of this please

Gives me a reason to get up early every Monday. Please keep up the great work guys!


Been a listener for a few years now. Thank u for making this show guys!! God bless u!😂

A thrill ride into the abyss

If you’re looking for that podcast that makes you angry, disappointed, then ultimately has you laughing with your headphones on in a crowded red line train, this is the show for you.

Best part of my Monday!

This show makes my Mondays much easier to handle!

Can't get enough.

Well done guys! A hilarious podcast that unabashedly blasphemous.

You missed Honeycrisp ya jagovs

5 stars for the critique capitalism and crappy apples. Honeycrisp for life though.

5 star

Love it. The guys are hilarious and bring cultural awareness to the forefront. You got a loyal listener in me fellas.

Stop swearing otherwise great

Content is great but guys just don’t swear so much and just talk like you have intelligence present the subject matter with some decorum please, however you are funny and your. Opinion. I’m sure spot on


The podcast that got me into podcasts. Also, thanks for a slightly less terrible Monday morning commute.

Awesome 👏

I don’t like to be angry- I prefer to find the humor in even the darkest of places. When the world is really making me angry, these guys help me laugh in spite of it all.

Lovely guys

Don’t let all the homoerotic Jesus stuff throw you. These are really good guys and we’re lucky they’re still plugging away at that glory hole, mf’s.


You guys are the best!!!

An outlet for rage and laughter!

I’ve been listening to these guys for five years now and the show hasn’t missed a beat in regards to quality. If you are angry, if you’re an atheist, if you like dark humor this is the show for you!

Life begins at conception?

Hey guys. I was just listening to your latest episode in which you discussed the false narrative of life at conception. Let’s walk through this: God is all powerful, all knowing, and created everything...God hates abortion...God created a system where millions of conceptions naturally don’t make it through the first trimester...God is the greatest abortionist in the universe. Or maybe religious organizations peddle prolife so they have a perpetual group of poor to recruit and abuse. Ps love the show but seriously you still go by Cecil?

Funny but not that funny

Dudes are funny, but they will laugh at anything. And their laughs are grating. I love the content, but these dudes get off on being "edgy" and offensive. It's good enough to be able to shrug it off, though I do find myself rolling my eyes at jokes about jerking off and aborted babies.

Enjoyed the glory hole, would return, what's this rash?

First of all, I'm glad that Tom and Cecil are no longer calling themselves fat slobs because they could bench-press four David Smalleys. It's great to hear the news, quality interviews and their recent Vulgarity for Charity fundraiser exceeded all expectations and made me actually feel good about the atheist/secular community so thanks for that.

Feels like you’re talking to your friends.

I love these guys. They’re hilarious, and I love that they’re always cracking up at themselves. I listen to them on the train to and from work every day, and have no shame in laughing out loud like crazy person - and it’s not easy to enjoy you’re time on NJTransit. I like how they talk about current events, but also cover a wide variety of topics that don’t make it to mainstream media. Would kill to work in that studio (or wherever they record). I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends when listening.


Pee my pants on the way to work. Also Tom I’m in love with you. Really ❤️

It's skeptical, it's political, and there is no welcome mat

great show for anyone sick of organized religion getting a pass.

Best podcast of all time!

I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

One of my first podcasts

I wasn't sure I'd be interested in a podcast marked "Explicit", but it turns out I'm an adult and can handle it. I'm glad I gave it a chance because I'm still listening years later. Funny guys.




I found you guys on a website and I’m so happy I did. I’ve been listening to you guys at work, and my day fly’s by with joy. Thank you guys so much. I’ll become a patron soon. I promise 😁

Gay dudes are gr❤️ss!

I’ve been listening to this show, thanks to the GAM squad, for almost 3 years and this episode was, by far the best! You two and Thomas really satisfied all my aural needs! As a well know kinky gay dude in Portland, OR, I LOVE hearing non-gays try to describe what I do to all my other twisted gay buddies, and boyfriend. They always forget what we lovingly do with our hands and large found objects, as well. Never forget. The best is listening to you guys joke about it too. No joke; you’re voices are like ASMR to some of us and I thank you!! WOOF! -Cole Miner Piercedffreak on xtube

Also super number one

This is a super number one top quality podcast listen with all of your available ears

Best podcast!!!

As a new member of the atheist community, I decided to give some political and atheist podcast a try! This is by far my favorite!!! Please listen to this podcast! You’ll become a loyal patron within a few episodes. They’re smart and hilarious! Keep up the great work guys! Can’t wait to see you in Chicago at Citation Needed Live!

GloryHole MFers

You Frakin Rock! :)

Introduced me to my first glory hole!

You guys were one of the first podcasts I ever discovered, and it has been one of my favorite. Helps me to know there are people with similar thoughts and opinions, although not always the same, out there speaking loud! You guys are some of the highlight of my week, and give me the needed respite from the stresses of life. Love you guys, keep up the good work. Glory Hole Muthufukkas! 🤘😈🤘

Best Podcast Period

I have listened to every episode of this podcast. No other podcast has given me more enjoyment, made me laugh harder, or angered me so much. They find the stories that point out the absurdity and hypocracy of religion and mankind. As a liberal and a humanist, I appreciate the reasoned analysis they provide on issues and topics without it sounding like they are preaching. I hope they continue to podcast for years to come.


A terrific funny review of the horrible news stories about people who believe in nonsense. Gloryhole!

I love these guys!!

Just a couple of really good friends hanging out and laughing at each other. You can tell by the way that they act with each other that they are great friends and are just talking about the things that they care about. They laugh, tell stoopid jokes, and have some really good thoughts about things. They have challenged the way that I have thought about some things and put together a great show. I also think that their audio quality is awesome and never have a problem with it. I have recommended them to family and friends and would recommend them to anyone.

Therapeutic for recovering Xian

I love these guys mocking silly superstition. Raised in a very conservative religious community, had a lot of doubts and was fairly skeptical about it from age 20 but didn't finally, fully turn my back on Xianity until 31. A religious engagement for that long is deeply burned in the bones and Cog Diss is therapy for me to continue to turn away away from religion. Thanks fellas.

Weekly hilarity!

Great content, great laughs, great studio!

Hands-down my favorite podcast!

I’ve listened to nearly all of the backlog and look forward to a new episode every week. CogDiss is a vulgar, poignant, hilarious, thoughtful, human, skeptical perspective on the world - and Tom and Cecil make me think about things from a different perspective. I grew up (and still live) in the South and hearing an atheist perspective is music to my ears. I cannot overstate how much I LOVE this podcast - y’all are the best. Gloryhole!

One of my favorites

I find this podcast to be funny, informative, entertaining, and overall just enjoyable to listen to. I always look forward to hearing from Tom and Cecil on Monday mornings. Keep up the good work guys!

One of The Best

This is truly one of the best Atheist/Skeptic podcasts available. This show is a high point of my week.


Irreverent and hilarious. Not for the easily offended, but highly recommended for everyone else.

My favorite podcast

Tom and Cecil are simply the best.

5 stars from Big Sky Country

Love me some Cog Dis. Cecil and the other dude rock! Make the hours on the tractor fly by.


I’m Christian and I love listening to these guys. They’re incredibly witty and insightful and hearing their thoughts helps me keep a broad perspective.

Been listening for years...

Whenever i buy a new phone, this Podcast is the first one i go re-subscribe to.

Love this show

I’ve been listening to you guys for a couple years. And I look forward to each week so I can listen. I’ve told so many people about you guys. Love the show. Glory hole!

Gym Companions

This podcast is my favorite to listen to at the gym. I can unplug from the rest of the world and listen to the craziness of this show. I appreciate the humor. The last year has been rough and you two made it bearable.

Hilarious and Thoughtful

Certainly angeling for the raunchiest of the podcast community, these guys do a great job having a heart in their glory holes.

Hands down the best podcast

This is my first ever review of the many years I’ve listened to podcasts. This podcast is by far the most engaging, illuminating, and hilarious podcasts out there. I do not say this lightly when I say that I HIGHLY recommend this show. I am so grateful these guys exist. They are amazing and stunningly intelligent. Much love from California guys! Keep up the outstanding work.

Beyond awesome

These guys are amazing. The topics, the humor. I didn't realize there were other people, with as twisted sense of humor as mine. Plain and simple, they are great.


Listening to the back catalog first, oh how naive they were. Back when McCain was the bad guy, and Roy Moore was getting kicked off the Bama Supreme Court for the first time!

A Note on Rodney Howard Browne

Love the show. I'm sure others have pointed this out, but Rodney Howard Browne is from South Africa, hence the accent.

Füçκ!η funny

Awesome show


They are very funny.

Love these guys.

I discovered that there were podcasts out there have hosts who think like I do. When you don't have too many people in your life you can talk to about these topics it's nice to be able to download what ever you want and listen. It's not like you can turn on the tv or radio and get similar honest smart and funny conversion ripping anyone who deserves it. There are a bunch of similar shows but Tom and Cecil do it best. Glory hole!


This is the best thing I’ve ever heard

Great podcast

These guys are entertaining and offer a sensible view of the state politics.


Like really, this is great.

Love It!

Keep it up, guys!

Intelligent and informative

Can't get enough of this one. Funny and intelligent while still providing important thought provoking information.

Once upon a time...

One of my first favorite atheist podcasts. The past year or so, the jokes have become increasingly juvenile, and I find myself rolling my eyes more often than I used to. Smart analysis and personal experience are great. Child rape jokes and drunken laughter about an ex-wife? Not so much.


Always an interesting perspective


Tom and Cecil you are amazing.

A Wonderful Insight Into the World of Imagination

There isn't a single episode of the 52 I've gone through in the past two weeks that their commentary on some good ol fashioned priest boy love hasn't sent me in a spiral of uncontrollable laughter. 10/10, don't doubt this

The Mac Daddy of atheist/rationalist podcast humor

Intelligent and hilariously profane rationalism. If you are likely to mewl and whine when your own sacred ox is gored, just pass this one by. These folks aren't anti-anyone in particular. They're anti-everything illogical, unempirical, based in blind faith alone, woo science, or moronic dogma. If you're Muslim, three words of warning: Call To Prayer. Don't listen and then get all butthurt. There's a "close window" on every podcast player I've ever seen. If, on the other hand, you rely on evidence, empiricism, and facts not alternative to drive your decision-making and your life, and you enjoy deeply cynical and profane commentary by a cast who loves their own material almost as much as you will. I'm a proud Patreon supporter (I give a widows mite compared to some, but hey, I figure anything helps...). That being said... Question even this review.

Glory Hole!

To all of us damned with a great laugh!

The World is Effed Up: Laugh till we cry

I wish I could say I've listened since the beginning, but over the last four years Cecil and Tom have helped make my faith transition much more pleasant and entertaining. Once a week, these two yahoos highlight instances where little nuance is needed to say "Yeah, that is Effin stupid! Lets laugh at a bunch of idiots" good times are to be had.

Great show!

Once of my favorite podcasts! Always a good day when I see a new episode is ready to download.

Pure filth

I love the podcast. Almost choked to death while listening to the Googly Eyes episode. Keep up your five-star level of obscenity.

Yes! You can joke about anything

I've listened for a couple of years and finally became a patreon for these two lug heads. Not the typical atheist, but more of looking at everything with skeptisim and then laugh at it with these Cecil and Tom. Yes, you can joke about anything! So, when you get joked about, or if one of your sacred cows gets attacked, learn to laugh at yourself! Just a side note, Tom attacks sacred cows with a fork and knife. Awesome show Cecil and Tom.

Funny, yet introspective.

They are almost as funny as Eli.

Pretty Good

Pretty good. Only on the episode where they mention 9/11... have to say... there were firemen that mentioned explosions... also if the impact was so destructive why didn't any of the other scrapers fall from this so called impact. You basically did the exact same thing you said other people were doing in that little fact-less rant. Other than that... so far so good

Love it

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the laughs and the information, as well. I love my current events with a side of snark.

Should be mandatory listening

I started listening to the podcast in December and it didn't take me long to make the leap from agnostic to atheist. I've always been a skeptic. Side splitting humor mixed with factual knowledge with the perfect dash of skepticism.


my favorite podcast, hands down.


Glad to have this podcast around. Relevant topics, relevant discussion, relevant opinions.

Rude, Crude, and Hilarious.

Rude, Crude, and Hilarious. NSFW, but you can always count on Tom and Cecil to provide several laughs on every episode.


The hosts really enjoy each other and that leads to highly enjoyable content even when the worst of humanity is being discussed

Always entertaining

Great podcast. Haven't missed an episode in years.

Great podcast.

Really funny atheist podcast. Worth a listen no mater what your beliefs!

Unfailing at failing to be failures

Tom and Cecil try to come off as unknowledgeable boobs but can't conceal the secret intellect underneath their pasty exteriors. I had their voices backwards for the longest time, though. I thought Tom was the squeaky one. Still can't make it work in my head. Gives me nightmares.

Good with …

This is worth a listen when in the mood for a serious subject done in a … let's say "chaotic" way. Hence, I'll say it's good with reservations and time. I listen to many podcasts at 1.5 speed but this can be unintelligible unless played at normal speed. Since I subscribe to dozens I have to speed things up to get to them so the less interesting episodes of this can be tossed. Sorry dudes

Love the show

Funny and thought provoking. Gloryhole motherf-ckers!

Simply the best!

Better than all the rest!

Tom and Cecil are so fuggin awesome

If you like Noah, Eli, and Heath; you will love this podcast. Subscribe here and on YouTube and get even more content by becoming a Patron.

Awesome Sauce!

I love this show. It is completely and utterly awesome!


Don't be deceived by Tom and Cecil's self deprecating humor these men are gentlemen and scholars who put out a delightful show every week. Well worth your time to listen.

Raw and Real

Tom and Cecil are two very real, very genuine guys giving their raw views on pretty much everything in a way that provides laughs and provokes thought. If you love an irreverent take on social issues you'll love this show.

Funny, Irreverent, Refreshing

Just listen. If you have ever found yourself offended by absolutely anything, this is not for you.

Love this show

These guys are hilarious. There's nothing they're afraid to say. Keep doing what you're doing guys

Most glorious of all the holes.

If irreverence was a religion, I would worship at the altar of Tom and Cecil.

Best podcast ever!

By far the highlight of my podcast lineup! I look forward to seeing that I have a new vulgar filled hilarious episode waiting for me! Cecil does an amazing job and Tom is.... well Tom just is, I guess.

What a Hoot!

This show is a real hoot! Noah, Heath, and Eli are a great team. I really enjoy their witty banter.

Not Bad

Cognitive Dissonance is a decent podcast from Illinois. They produce commentary that is acceptable.


Hella inappropriate, hella amusing. My favorite "oh crap, please don't let my earphones come unplugged" show to listen to at work.

Top shelf dissonance

This is one of my favorite podcasts. They are willing to deal with the grimy underbelly of idiocracy and wrap it in comedy to make it go down smooth and easy.

One of the best.

These guys are hysterical! If they don't get me laughing because of what they say, I end up laughing because of the wild joy they have joking with each other. They are fast, funny, intelligent and very irreverent. A new favorite podcast for me. Give it a listen.....if you think you can handle it.

Good show with a caveat

I really like this show for the most part. I would recommend it with the caveat that the style of humor is very offensive. Sometimes the jokes go a bit too far for me, but I know others don't mind. They would get more out of the show than me, I'm sure.

My shame show

I wonder what others would think of me if I listened to this podcast with them in the car?...

Yup, we're (expletive deleted)

What an opening act for the week! I now look forward to the half hour each way commute to get the kids to school! Yes. My kids listen. Trust me. Tom and Cecil's language is far less salty than mine when I encounter any (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) inbred (expletive deleted) who can't drive their oversized jacked up (expletive deleted) pickup truck. Anyway, the show maintains my cynical pragmatic sanity in the rodeo buckle of the Bible Belt.