At last!

Finished! Listened to every! Single! Episode! Had I known penance for being a mormon would be so…..unspeakable, I’d have chosen door # 2 or 3 instead. But now it’s done, I can move on….What?…speak up…. No!….More episodes? Every week? Never be finished??!! NOOOOOOOO!……

Seriously, from a 69 year old former Morbot, thanks for what you do. Since “leaving the faith” over 10 years ago, I’ve worked hard at getting the brain to learn critical thinking. You, Tom and Cecil, are helping me do that every time I listen to your irreverent and angry rants about whatever makes you mad. Strangely, the same topics seem to make me mad as well. Again, thank you.

With greatest respect,


Aug. 3, 2021 by Randal 1951 on Apple Podcasts