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Life begins at conception?

Hey guys. I was just listening to your latest episode in which you discussed the false narrative of life at conception. Let’s walk through this: God is all powerful, all knowing, and created everything...God hates abortion...God created a system where millions of conceptions naturally don’t make it through the first trimester...God is the greatest abortionist in the universe. Or maybe religious organizations peddle prolife so they have a perpetual group of poor to recruit and abuse. Ps love the show but seriously you still go by Cecil?

Funny but not that funny

Dudes are funny, but they will laugh at anything. And their laughs are grating. I love the content, but these dudes get off on being "edgy" and offensive. It's good enough to be able to shrug it off, though I do find myself rolling my eyes at jokes about jerking off and aborted babies.

Enjoyed the glory hole, would return, what's this rash?

First of all, I'm glad that Tom and Cecil are no longer calling themselves fat slobs because they could bench-press four David Smalleys. It's great to hear the news, quality interviews and their recent Vulgarity for Charity fundraiser exceeded all expectations and made me actually feel good about the atheist/secular community so thanks for that.

Feels like you’re talking to your friends.

I love these guys. They’re hilarious, and I love that they’re always cracking up at themselves. I listen to them on the train to and from work every day, and have no shame in laughing out loud like crazy person - and it’s not easy to enjoy you’re time on NJTransit. I like how they talk about current events, but also cover a wide variety of topics that don’t make it to mainstream media. Would kill to work in that studio (or wherever they record). I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends when listening.


Pee my pants on the way to work. Also Tom I’m in love with you. Really ❤️

It's skeptical, it's political, and there is no welcome mat

great show for anyone sick of organized religion getting a pass.

Best podcast of all time!

I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

One of my first podcasts

I wasn't sure I'd be interested in a podcast marked "Explicit", but it turns out I'm an adult and can handle it. I'm glad I gave it a chance because I'm still listening years later. Funny guys.




I found you guys on a website and I’m so happy I did. I’ve been listening to you guys at work, and my day fly’s by with joy. Thank you guys so much. I’ll become a patron soon. I promise 😁

Gay dudes are gr❤️ss!

I’ve been listening to this show, thanks to the GAM squad, for almost 3 years and this episode was, by far the best! You two and Thomas really satisfied all my aural needs! As a well know kinky gay dude in Portland, OR, I LOVE hearing non-gays try to describe what I do to all my other twisted gay buddies, and boyfriend. They always forget what we lovingly do with our hands and large found objects, as well. Never forget. The best is listening to you guys joke about it too. No joke; you’re voices are like ASMR to some of us and I thank you!! WOOF! -Cole Miner Piercedffreak on xtube

Also super number one

This is a super number one top quality podcast listen with all of your available ears

Best podcast!!!

As a new member of the atheist community, I decided to give some political and atheist podcast a try! This is by far my favorite!!! Please listen to this podcast! You’ll become a loyal patron within a few episodes. They’re smart and hilarious! Keep up the great work guys! Can’t wait to see you in Chicago at Citation Needed Live!

GloryHole MFers

You Frakin Rock! :)

Introduced me to my first glory hole!

You guys were one of the first podcasts I ever discovered, and it has been one of my favorite. Helps me to know there are people with similar thoughts and opinions, although not always the same, out there speaking loud! You guys are some of the highlight of my week, and give me the needed respite from the stresses of life. Love you guys, keep up the good work. Glory Hole Muthufukkas! 🤘😈🤘

Best Podcast Period

I have listened to every episode of this podcast. No other podcast has given me more enjoyment, made me laugh harder, or angered me so much. They find the stories that point out the absurdity and hypocracy of religion and mankind. As a liberal and a humanist, I appreciate the reasoned analysis they provide on issues and topics without it sounding like they are preaching. I hope they continue to podcast for years to come.


A terrific funny review of the horrible news stories about people who believe in nonsense. Gloryhole!

I love these guys!!

Just a couple of really good friends hanging out and laughing at each other. You can tell by the way that they act with each other that they are great friends and are just talking about the things that they care about. They laugh, tell stoopid jokes, and have some really good thoughts about things. They have challenged the way that I have thought about some things and put together a great show. I also think that their audio quality is awesome and never have a problem with it. I have recommended them to family and friends and would recommend them to anyone.

Therapeutic for recovering Xian

I love these guys mocking silly superstition. Raised in a very conservative religious community, had a lot of doubts and was fairly skeptical about it from age 20 but didn't finally, fully turn my back on Xianity until 31. A religious engagement for that long is deeply burned in the bones and Cog Diss is therapy for me to continue to turn away away from religion. Thanks fellas.

Weekly hilarity!

Great content, great laughs, great studio!

Hands-down my favorite podcast!

I’ve listened to nearly all of the backlog and look forward to a new episode every week. CogDiss is a vulgar, poignant, hilarious, thoughtful, human, skeptical perspective on the world - and Tom and Cecil make me think about things from a different perspective. I grew up (and still live) in the South and hearing an atheist perspective is music to my ears. I cannot overstate how much I LOVE this podcast - y’all are the best. Gloryhole!

One of my favorites

I find this podcast to be funny, informative, entertaining, and overall just enjoyable to listen to. I always look forward to hearing from Tom and Cecil on Monday mornings. Keep up the good work guys!

One of The Best

This is truly one of the best Atheist/Skeptic podcasts available. This show is a high point of my week.


Irreverent and hilarious. Not for the easily offended, but highly recommended for everyone else.

My favorite podcast

Tom and Cecil are simply the best.

5 stars from Big Sky Country

Love me some Cog Dis. Cecil and the other dude rock! Make the hours on the tractor fly by.


I’m Christian and I love listening to these guys. They’re incredibly witty and insightful and hearing their thoughts helps me keep a broad perspective.

Been listening for years...

Whenever i buy a new phone, this Podcast is the first one i go re-subscribe to.

Love this show

I’ve been listening to you guys for a couple years. And I look forward to each week so I can listen. I’ve told so many people about you guys. Love the show. Glory hole!

Gym Companions

This podcast is my favorite to listen to at the gym. I can unplug from the rest of the world and listen to the craziness of this show. I appreciate the humor. The last year has been rough and you two made it bearable.