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One of The Best

This is truly one of the best Atheist/Skeptic podcasts available. This show is a high point of my week.


Irreverent and hilarious. Not for the easily offended, but highly recommended for everyone else.

My favorite podcast

Tom and Cecil are simply the best.

5 stars from Big Sky Country

Love me some Cog Dis. Cecil and the other dude rock! Make the hours on the tractor fly by.


I’m Christian and I love listening to these guys. They’re incredibly witty and insightful and hearing their thoughts helps me keep a broad perspective.

Been listening for years...

Whenever i buy a new phone, this Podcast is the first one i go re-subscribe to.

Love this show

I’ve been listening to you guys for a couple years. And I look forward to each week so I can listen. I’ve told so many people about you guys. Love the show. Glory hole!

Gym Companions

This podcast is my favorite to listen to at the gym. I can unplug from the rest of the world and listen to the craziness of this show. I appreciate the humor. The last year has been rough and you two made it bearable.

Hilarious and Thoughtful

Certainly angeling for the raunchiest of the podcast community, these guys do a great job having a heart in their glory holes.

Hands down the best podcast

This is my first ever review of the many years I’ve listened to podcasts. This podcast is by far the most engaging, illuminating, and hilarious podcasts out there. I do not say this lightly when I say that I HIGHLY recommend this show. I am so grateful these guys exist. They are amazing and stunningly intelligent. Much love from California guys! Keep up the outstanding work.

Beyond awesome

These guys are amazing. The topics, the humor. I didn't realize there were other people, with as twisted sense of humor as mine. Plain and simple, they are great.


Listening to the back catalog first, oh how naive they were. Back when McCain was the bad guy, and Roy Moore was getting kicked off the Bama Supreme Court for the first time!

A Note on Rodney Howard Browne

Love the show. I'm sure others have pointed this out, but Rodney Howard Browne is from South Africa, hence the accent.

Füçκ!η funny

Awesome show


They are very funny.

Love these guys.

I discovered that there were podcasts out there have hosts who think like I do. When you don't have too many people in your life you can talk to about these topics it's nice to be able to download what ever you want and listen. It's not like you can turn on the tv or radio and get similar honest smart and funny conversion ripping anyone who deserves it. There are a bunch of similar shows but Tom and Cecil do it best. Glory hole!


This is the best thing I’ve ever heard

Great podcast

These guys are entertaining and offer a sensible view of the state politics.


Like really, this is great.

Love It!

Keep it up, guys!

Intelligent and informative

Can't get enough of this one. Funny and intelligent while still providing important thought provoking information.

Once upon a time...

One of my first favorite atheist podcasts. The past year or so, the jokes have become increasingly juvenile, and I find myself rolling my eyes more often than I used to. Smart analysis and personal experience are great. Child rape jokes and drunken laughter about an ex-wife? Not so much.


Always an interesting perspective


Tom and Cecil you are amazing.

A Wonderful Insight Into the World of Imagination

There isn't a single episode of the 52 I've gone through in the past two weeks that their commentary on some good ol fashioned priest boy love hasn't sent me in a spiral of uncontrollable laughter. 10/10, don't doubt this

The Mac Daddy of atheist/rationalist podcast humor

Intelligent and hilariously profane rationalism. If you are likely to mewl and whine when your own sacred ox is gored, just pass this one by. These folks aren't anti-anyone in particular. They're anti-everything illogical, unempirical, based in blind faith alone, woo science, or moronic dogma. If you're Muslim, three words of warning: Call To Prayer. Don't listen and then get all butthurt. There's a "close window" on every podcast player I've ever seen. If, on the other hand, you rely on evidence, empiricism, and facts not alternative to drive your decision-making and your life, and you enjoy deeply cynical and profane commentary by a cast who loves their own material almost as much as you will. I'm a proud Patreon supporter (I give a widows mite compared to some, but hey, I figure anything helps...). That being said... Question even this review.

Glory Hole!

To all of us damned with a great laugh!

The World is Effed Up: Laugh till we cry

I wish I could say I've listened since the beginning, but over the last four years Cecil and Tom have helped make my faith transition much more pleasant and entertaining. Once a week, these two yahoos highlight instances where little nuance is needed to say "Yeah, that is Effin stupid! Lets laugh at a bunch of idiots" good times are to be had.

Great show!

Once of my favorite podcasts! Always a good day when I see a new episode is ready to download.

Pure filth

I love the podcast. Almost choked to death while listening to the Googly Eyes episode. Keep up your five-star level of obscenity.