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The hosts really enjoy each other and that leads to highly enjoyable content even when the worst of humanity is being discussed

Always entertaining

Great podcast. Haven't missed an episode in years.

Great podcast.

Really funny atheist podcast. Worth a listen no mater what your beliefs!

Unfailing at failing to be failures

Tom and Cecil try to come off as unknowledgeable boobs but can't conceal the secret intellect underneath their pasty exteriors. I had their voices backwards for the longest time, though. I thought Tom was the squeaky one. Still can't make it work in my head. Gives me nightmares.

Good with …

This is worth a listen when in the mood for a serious subject done in a … let's say "chaotic" way. Hence, I'll say it's good with reservations and time. I listen to many podcasts at 1.5 speed but this can be unintelligible unless played at normal speed. Since I subscribe to dozens I have to speed things up to get to them so the less interesting episodes of this can be tossed. Sorry dudes

Love the show

Funny and thought provoking. Gloryhole motherf-ckers!

Simply the best!

Better than all the rest!

Tom and Cecil are so fuggin awesome

If you like Noah, Eli, and Heath; you will love this podcast. Subscribe here and on YouTube and get even more content by becoming a Patron.

Awesome Sauce!

I love this show. It is completely and utterly awesome!


Don't be deceived by Tom and Cecil's self deprecating humor these men are gentlemen and scholars who put out a delightful show every week. Well worth your time to listen.

Raw and Real

Tom and Cecil are two very real, very genuine guys giving their raw views on pretty much everything in a way that provides laughs and provokes thought. If you love an irreverent take on social issues you'll love this show.

Funny, Irreverent, Refreshing

Just listen. If you have ever found yourself offended by absolutely anything, this is not for you.

Love this show

These guys are hilarious. There's nothing they're afraid to say. Keep doing what you're doing guys

Most glorious of all the holes.

If irreverence was a religion, I would worship at the altar of Tom and Cecil.

Best podcast ever!

By far the highlight of my podcast lineup! I look forward to seeing that I have a new vulgar filled hilarious episode waiting for me! Cecil does an amazing job and Tom is.... well Tom just is, I guess.

What a Hoot!

This show is a real hoot! Noah, Heath, and Eli are a great team. I really enjoy their witty banter.

Not Bad

Cognitive Dissonance is a decent podcast from Illinois. They produce commentary that is acceptable.


Hella inappropriate, hella amusing. My favorite "oh crap, please don't let my earphones come unplugged" show to listen to at work.

Top shelf dissonance

This is one of my favorite podcasts. They are willing to deal with the grimy underbelly of idiocracy and wrap it in comedy to make it go down smooth and easy.

One of the best.

These guys are hysterical! If they don't get me laughing because of what they say, I end up laughing because of the wild joy they have joking with each other. They are fast, funny, intelligent and very irreverent. A new favorite podcast for me. Give it a listen.....if you think you can handle it.

Good show with a caveat

I really like this show for the most part. I would recommend it with the caveat that the style of humor is very offensive. Sometimes the jokes go a bit too far for me, but I know others don't mind. They would get more out of the show than me, I'm sure.

My shame show

I wonder what others would think of me if I listened to this podcast with them in the car?...

Yup, we're (expletive deleted)

What an opening act for the week! I now look forward to the half hour each way commute to get the kids to school! Yes. My kids listen. Trust me. Tom and Cecil's language is far less salty than mine when I encounter any (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) inbred (expletive deleted) who can't drive their oversized jacked up (expletive deleted) pickup truck. Anyway, the show maintains my cynical pragmatic sanity in the rodeo buckle of the Bible Belt.

Not garbage!

Tom and Cecil. They review the religious and political landscape with a secular eye and a profane humor. There is no cow too sacred, no gutter too deep, and no line not worth crossing. They will make jokes that you will hate yourself for liking, yet you will come back to hear more of the same. Both informative and irreverent. I give them five stars, and may the Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy on your soul.

Boy mannequins and deep dish diarrhea

These guys go to the dark side with their long humorous conversations. Definitely not for the faint of heart. The best way to deal with the daily dose of poison from religion is with comedy and these guys deliver and creamy batch of it into my ears multiple times a week. Thanks guys.

So Fun

Love the this show, we need 2 a week!

Hi! I'm black.

I'm black, female and bisexual. I like all the holes.


F#%¥ing Hilarious !

Great Escape

Wonderful to listen to... even if I'm slightly offended sometimes, I'm still laughing! Love it!

Just do it!

If you're looking for a good, sometimes inappropriate, laugh..... this is the podcast for you!