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Top Notch

One of those types of podcast that you can not get enought of. You want more as soon as they end the show. During the entertainment, you will learn a thing or two. My kind of show. Smart.


This is the first podcast I've ever watched, and boy did I pick a good one. Very entertaining and informative.

Glory Hole

Doesn't get any better than this podcast. I love it. Keep up the good work guys.

Sick and funny

We did evolve from filthy monkey men and here are two of the best!

Happy Touchy Time

They say that you shouldn't flick the bean or beat the bag while listening to this because you may hurt your hand. Caution, they never ever swear and this podcast is an honest christian podcast about how wonderful Jeebus is, sorry typing error, Jesus. The even talk about streching out, wearing out, and just plain abusing atheist. If you are a pastor, you should play this over a loud speaker at your tax free building. If you are a pastor, why does god care if my wife and I flick beans and beat bags? May pi$$ be upon her/him/jesus/jeebus


I used to listen to this podcast for the dick jokes. Now I believe that Tom and Cecil are crazy geniuses. They have hit on the only reasonable response to religious fundamentalists and the abomination that is Trump: mockery and ridicule.

Just because

Found out about these two from another podcast (The Scathing Atheist), and needless to say, I am amused. So I have embarked upon the task of listening to their back catalog of podcasts and I have found out it helps pass the time at work. Great job guys. Keep it up.


Tom and Cecil are intelligent and hilarious! So glad I found this show. Highly recommended.

Gets me through the week

Tom and Cecil have created the perfect pod-cast! Sometimes they are the only thing to get me through the week. After Jan 20, they'll probably be the ONLY thing holding this planet together. Except those lead-in phone calls. Irritating.


Deep down I know I should be offended! But I can't get enough! I love it.

Smart, Critical, and Delightfully Offensive

I think the title says it all.

Tied for my favorite podcast

I discovered CogDis a few months ago, and now I spend a significant portion of every day listening to the back episodes. It's one of those podcasts that makes you feel like you are hanging out with friends and having lots of laughs. Put simply, hosts Tom and Cecil are very good at funny commentary. They frequently lampoon religion and other ridiculous subjects that make the news, make it big, or make them mad.

Loved the Ishmeal episode.

I found your podcast via ABR. I love you guys! * not sure if it matters,but yes.I'm a black woman.๐Ÿ˜‚

Gloryhole MFers

Best goddamn podcast. Better than Smalley's.


I just found this podcast and can't stop listening. These guys are hilarious and are spot on in the balance between overly PC and common sense. It's great to see more SJWs who aren't making up boogeymen, only dealing with the actual problems we have.


Hilarious commentary.... honestly my favorite podcast.


Will destroy your sides

Best atheist skeptical and political podcast

100% my favorite podcast. The hosts are very intelligent men with mouths that talk as if they've spent a long time behind a glory hole. Great for kids and old people to learn arguments and words that will put any of religious family members on their knees crying

Round table discussion...with everyday guys.

I love this podcast. An atheist skeptic based discussion of modern topics with self admitted non-experts. If you want expert skepticism in your discussions there are other podcasts. This is has the environment of a round table discussion with the atmosphere of buns drinking beer after work. Sometimes you don't have to take everything immensely seriously. Take a load off and have a beer and listen and laugh. You can be serious and angry later.

Superlative podcast

Tom and Cecil don't pull any punches with their hilarious, witty, insightful and yes, graphic commentaries. It's about atheism, politics and other relevant stuff. Sense of humor required to listen. Zeus knows we need their brand of intellectual honesty and epic rants.


One of the best podcasts out there. Consistently funny as well as thoughtful. Gloryhole, my friends!

My Favorite Podcast

The mere sight of a new CogDis episode popping up in my podcast feed gets me real hot'n bothered. (Yeah, I'm writing this review with one hand on the keyboard and the other wrapped around my tiny URL) These two hunk hosts of human beings have some spicy chemistry as well. If you wanna get hard, hear about some of the whackiest spiritual nutbags who have done some stuff only spiritual nutbagz would do from all corners of this spiritual nutbag infested planet, laugh and learn about various secular charities and organizations all at the same time...Check deez nuts out! I mean, check these guys out. The B======D jokes are top notch to boot. Seriously though I do like this show a lot. So much that I'd like to make a donation but I don't really have dispensible income right now.

Glory hole

Totes best show on the interwebs

Thomas is better

You should go listen to Atheistically Speaking after this, it's a great pallette cleanser. Cog Dis is pretty good if you just want to listen to people laughing at how stupid people are, and then laughing at their own profanity usage. ;)


Truly excellent.

Consistently informative & entertaining

Give these guys a listen. Smart, irreverent, earthy, feminist/humanist/radical, vulgar and very funny. My conclusions based on my listening. The boys may self-identify differently. Laugh robustly at their own humor. Often contagious and you may laugh out loud. Refreshing take on human ignorance and religion, its primary enabler,. Helps keep this 70 year old rabid atheist going. There's hope if younger folk listen to these and other skeptical/rationalist critics.

These guys are great!

I listen to four podcasts regularly, they never fail to make me laugh. Never. The explicit flag is totally there for a reason, please keep that in mind. Enjoy!

Makes me LOL

I listen while I'm getting ready for work and driving to work and laugh almost constantly. Basically it's completely inappropriate jokes and profanity and I absolutely love it. Glory hole from one of your two listeners in the Bible Belt of Texas!

I hate doing this SO MUCH!

I wanted to hate this podcast. Then Cecil and that other guy kept me coming back week after week. They cover topics of interest to me and Cecil has thoughtful opinions. Sometimes that other guy remembers what episode they are recording! He is awesome on The Skeptic's Creed. Listen! You will be disappointed at fist, but they grow on you.

Great show

You guys are hilarious and I love the show. Keep up the great work!