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They tell it how it is, plus some!

I've been listening to these numbskulls for quite a while now and I just can't stop! They are no holds barred in the spewing of the often forgotten common sense. They go over the top and are vulgar in all the right ways.

Extremely entertaining

If you love crude humor, hearing people laugh, and are an atheist / non religious person, then you will be entertained

My absolute favorite podcast

Tom and Cecil are entertaining and enlightening. I laugh my butt off every episode and their brand of humor is great.


Tom and Cecil do an adequate job. They discuss things, sometimes bringing in what might be considered amusing. Their language borders on unacceptable. You might consider listening to them. You probably shouldn't, for your health.

They support big gay

This podcast has more rectum mentions than any other podcast. I love these guys.

Magic 10

Just started listening to podcasts, and found and fell in love with this one immediately. I started from the beginning and am 10 in. And while I absolutely want to hear what they have to say about current events, I'm enjoying 2011 way too much. Yes, Michele Bachmann is a complete nutter (sorry to say I live in the district that elected her repeatedly to the MN House), but I really enjoy anticipating the commentary on the current election cycle. Also love that they drop f bombs as much as I think them in my head. A great outlet to my mostly repressed outrage at religion, science denial, and ineffectual politics. So happy there are hundreds more to go!

My fav pocast

Glory to the holiest of holies.

Glory hole!!

I am a big fan of your work. Thank you.

Still hilarious after all these years.

These guys rock. Huzzah! I reviewed this 4 years ago and I felt it was time to do so again. After all, some shows lose their edge or get repetitive. Not CogDis. They continue to make me laugh and think, not necessarily in that order. Carry on gentlemen, carry on.

Boop Boop Boop Ba Doop more police

Too many inside jokes with my husband that we can't explain to anyone.

Simply Awesome

I subscribe to 33 podcast each week. Everytime I see a new Cognitive Dissonance podcast on my list I get this WooHoo feeling. You guys are great. Thanks for the Hours of fun.

Sometimes you just have to say it

Thanks ridiculing the ridiculous!

Podcast Bukakke

I met them at a picnic once. It was terrible. But I've jerked off to the moments I experienced there every night since. Glory, glory, gloryhole.

One of the best

This is like listening to beat friends do a show on everything I love. They are hilarious!


I now use phrases like "totes", "cool story, bro", "that's not a thing", and "what. is. happening." to an unhealthy level. Thanks guys. ;-P

False Profit

The best in world class unscripted dick jokes . I like to shorten the name to cog dis, except in December, when nog dis seems a more fitting title. I lauged and laughed some more until the show stopped. Love what you do, Tom and Cecil!

Digital Heroin

Not since Mondays! Have I found such comedic gold. I have been mainlining episodes and just can't get enough. G. HOLE MOTHER Effers!


These guys are wonderful. Great!

Best skeptic podcast hands down

I got into skeptic podcasts with The Scathing Atheist which I love but Tom and Cecil take it to another level. Cog dis has none of the stiff script reading of other skeptical podcasts with hosts who have great critical minds but none of Tom and Cecil's chemistry and ability to improvise. Off the cuff Tom and Cecil are funnier and more insightful than any other skeptic podcast that scripts every word.


Great podcast. Nothing needs to be said by me that hasn't been said by everyone else. Working my way through all the back episodes. Gloryhole!

Great Show!

Thanks guys, love the show.


Dear Lord, Thank you for giving us Cognitive Dissonance. For this, I am forever indebted. Prayerfully yours, Lawrence H.

Jim Bakker food bucket review show

Great reviews on Jim Bakker products.

Glorious, wholesome.

Satire. Ranting. Donuts vs Danish. You will laugh until you cry and judge yourself for it. Fun for the whole dysfunctional family.


Awesome podcast for smart people who also like dick and fart jokes πŸ˜‚

How does the stock crunch land a promise?

I can tell you from personal experience it was worth it. And I never stopped listening after that.

Rave Review from Cleveland!

If you're an adult and enjoy a good laugh after a day in the salt mines then this podcast is for you. Irreverent, ungodly, and obcenely intelligent. If you are not interested in thinking or laughing you will not like this show. I just turned 68 today and it was the best present ever! Keep it up guys!


Great podcast, smart and funny, my solid number two podcast each week.. It's even more of a mind blowing experience when you listen to these guys for a while and then see what they look like. Scary. Reality and the mental image didn't match.

Always hilarious

I just recommended this podcast to a friend by telling him "it's like if Cards Against Humanity were an atheist podcast with lots of movie references." I just recently started listening to podcasts in general and this was one of the first I found. I haven't missed an episode yet and have listened to many back episodes to fill in the gaps. It's super offensive, which I tend to appreciate. I've also learned lots of new words that I had to look up on urban dictionary, so it's educational too. And I figured out which neighbors are worth talking to by listening to this out in my yard doing yard work. It's improved my quality of life, really. Keep up the good work guys.