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Genuinely hysterical and irreverent

This podcast is hysterical, irreverent and crude. Tom and Cecil do a great job lambasting religion and the supernatural. Immensely entertaining and insightful!

Shameful Crush on Cecil

Seriously the best podcast I listen to! I discovered this about a week ago and my social life is slowly deteriorating as I spend my waking hours laughing at these two! Finally someone with as dark a sense of humor as myself! Also Cecil is at the top of my list of podcast crushes. Would definitely recommend!

Review from Indiana

I'm always happy to see a new podcast from these guys at the end of a long day. It's hard to laugh so much and not accidently breathe through your nose though and be assaulted by the smell of Indiana. Definately can't listen to this while driving on our deathtrap interstates, one good laugh and you're toast. Easily my favorite podcast of all time.


Pretty good. @TiFrustrating ;)

My favorite podcast

It doesn't get any better: Entertaining, funny and occasionally insightfull. I'm not sure how these guys do what they do, but I hope they can keep it up for the next decade. I've been listening for more than a year and I'm finally getting around to reviewing (I'm a horrible human). They earned every one of these stars.

Update review - Infectious laughter

new I can not listen to this show without laughing, when talking about the insanity of the religious world you gotta laugh to keep from crying. But if you can listen to this show without laughing then lets face it, you are dead inside old If you like to laugh or more importantly laugh at thing that make other more conservative people uncomfortable, then you GOTTA listen to these guys! This is the humor your parents warned you about.

Want atheist Opie and Anthony? Here it is...

This is the most recent add to my atheist podcast round, and I love it. Hilarious takes on news items, great chemistry, and interviews with other podcasters and personalities. I just wish the show was 3 hours instead of 90 minutes. Also enjoy the tongue-in-cheek rivalry over pizza and show quality with GAM/Scathing Atheist.

Truly destined for greatness

It is difficult to overstate how important this podcast is to maintain my sanity at work. Unfortunately, this podcast makes me crave Chicago style pizza. Even more unfortunately, I live in Oklahoma, which, I'm sure the guys are calling a garbage state right now.

Great Poscast

Great well done podcast, always have well informed discussions about how religion corrupts our modern society. Also very well done production, although I'm sure Tom has nothing to do with this. Seriously though for two guys who record out of a basement and not in a professional studio the show is very very well edited, no long dumb pauses, the sounds is always excellent, no background noises or echoes, there have been very many podcasts with content that I enjoyed but had to stop listening to because of the bad production quality. This is not one of them, thanks Tom & Cecil, GLORYHOLE!

For a long time, I could not decide....

For a long time I couldn't decide between four stars or five. Five stars because I laugh out loud every episode; minus one star for how often they make me cringe while I laugh. Here's the bottom line, though: I can't stop listening, and I always laugh. Thanks, guys, for coming down on the laugh side of "if you don't laugh you'll cry"; it's sorely needed these days. And thanks for making me aware of some of the great charities you support like Foundation Beyond Belief. I am still not even sure if I am an atheist or pure materialist, but having gone from Christian, to dedicated Wiccan, to I don't know what if anything, and being someone who is seriously alarmed by the rise of theocracy in this country, I find myself appreciating your podcast more and more.

Laughter for Degenerates

This is, without a doubt, the best podcast in existence for anyone having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable. Gloryhole.


Great show the guys are extremely funny. Always look forward to Monday only because this guys make my day.

Can I cuss in the title?

I've been listening since the beginning and just now writing a review. Sorry for the delay but I've been busy with life and trying to visit all the Glory Holes from Colorado to Chicago! love listening to your show........most of the time. Keep up the great work. i listen to the scathing athiest too but your show is far superior, I like that you play the "Talkies", because it's so much more entertaining that just quoting the news stories.

Most Glorious of Holes

Of all the unrepentantly vulgar podcasts I've come to know and love, Cognitive Dissonance is, hands down, my absolute favorite. And as we all know the glory hole experience is best with their hands down.


These guys make me laugh out loud in traffic all the time. I am always bummed to reach the end of the podcast.

As a person with ball fetish...

Just wanted you to know we exist.

Awfully hilarious.

Tom and Cecil make me shutter laugh every episode. Love the show. Never miss an episode.

I love this podcast

I’ve been a listener for about a year now, and they never disappoint. These guys are hilarious, real, and brutally honest all the time. But to get real, my favorite thing about this podcast is how hard they laugh at each others jokes (and their own jokes for that matter).

Glory hole

Behold the power and the glory hole

Glory Hole

Glory hole mutha Effers! Great show the laughing is contagious!

The only ONE TRUE podcast

Hillbilly god, "Who's that guy on the other side of the Glory Hole? It's Jesus!" , The long Akbar prayer song.. Need I say more? I love this podcast! I've listened to over 70+ since I started listening to them over a month ago. Bonus is these guys are from Chicago my home town! The show content is awesome, I'm officially addicted.


Are you a heathen atheist irreverent sodomite child at heart with a taste for foul humor and jokes about anonymous hole based intercourse (and some current event topics)? Congratulations! You've found your home. And Gloryhole! Don't worry you'll understand later.

Well played guys.

I heard you guys on The Thinking Atheist, when you first appeared on there ... when every that was, and have really enjoyed your blend of language, critical thinking and humor. Nothing is sacred and that is how it should be. Thank you for holding to that ideal. I can't say I agree with everything you guys say, and that's fine because otherwise I would be one of you and I would rather not live in Chicago. Seems I am rambling, so to the point. I appreciate how you have helped me become a better critical thinker. Glory hole!

Abortions jokes for everyone!

You get an abortion, you get an abortion! EVERYONE GETS AN ABORTION!!!!

Over the top

I almost killed myself at the gym listening to these jackoffs. Don't attempt to lift anthing over your head while listening. You've be warned!

Very entertaining

Everyone that likes to laugh and also learn a few things about our secular world this is a must hear Podcast. This was my first (podcast) . And it's still one of my favorites. This show is top notch. So funny , I'm either holding my stomach laughing or wiping tears ( from laughing) away . The guys like to crack each other up . Which may or may not bother you. I makes me crack up! I think it can be serious sometimes when it needs to be. But its a fun time as long as your listening . I look forward to hearing them each week. Glory hole MF's ! Hey did you guys steal that from Todd Hoffmans show gold rush? Just wondering ! I have much love for this show ! I hope someone reads this and decides to listen .

Best podcast I've ever listened to, sticky hands down

Smart dick jokes, seriously, that's really hard to do.

Glory Gloryhole-lujan!

Gloryhole guys! Thanks for the awesome show so far, I'm burning through your back catalogue and after 2 weeks and 125 episodes you're really climbing high on the podcasts I seriously love like the MyBookofMormon Podcast and Irreligiosophy.

Funny because it's true

I routinely laugh when listening

Very funny

I would donate if I could.