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Over the top

I almost killed myself at the gym listening to these jackoffs. Don't attempt to lift anthing over your head while listening. You've be warned!

Very entertaining

Everyone that likes to laugh and also learn a few things about our secular world this is a must hear Podcast. This was my first (podcast) . And it's still one of my favorites. This show is top notch. So funny , I'm either holding my stomach laughing or wiping tears ( from laughing) away . The guys like to crack each other up . Which may or may not bother you. I makes me crack up! I think it can be serious sometimes when it needs to be. But its a fun time as long as your listening . I look forward to hearing them each week. Glory hole MF's ! Hey did you guys steal that from Todd Hoffmans show gold rush? Just wondering ! I have much love for this show ! I hope someone reads this and decides to listen .

Best podcast I've ever listened to, sticky hands down

Smart dick jokes, seriously, that's really hard to do.

Glory Gloryhole-lujan!

Gloryhole guys! Thanks for the awesome show so far, I'm burning through your back catalogue and after 2 weeks and 125 episodes you're really climbing high on the podcasts I seriously love like the MyBookofMormon Podcast and Irreligiosophy.

Funny because it's true

I routinely laugh when listening

Very funny

I would donate if I could.

Glory hole!

If you can take laughing till it hurts... Then yeah, I guess these guys are okay.....

The podcast by which all other podcasts should be judged

I think I've been listening to this podcast for about 4 years now. It is not just my favorite podcast, it is my favorite of any type of media. Of all of the podcasts, blogs, tv shows, radio shows etc that I consume on a weekly basis, nothing gets me more excited than a new episode of Cognitive Dissonance. I know when I listen to Cognitive Dissonance that I'm going to get a good sampling of all of the craziest things people have said this week with some hilarious commentary that always makes me laugh. If only it came out daily. Glory Hole.

These guys are hilarious and lively!

I love this podcast. Atheist supporter from lovely Bible Belt(yay... -___-) The crude humor, inappropriateness, and wicked perspective on news stories is all too entertaining. It's a lovely silver lining touch to some stories that prompts a loss in humanity. Keep up the good work! Huge thumbs up and glory hole!

where has this been all my life?

this show is so vulgar it literally has never appeared on my podcast radar until recently, and I've been listening to SGU and Reasonable Doubts and many others from the very beginning. i heard Jeremiah reference dissonance-pod on No Religion Required and holy f#$%*^g s#*t this is the funniest show I've ever heard, I'm so glad i found this. sorry Im such a latecomer I'm ashamed of myself. 5 stars.

Where's the outrage? Here it is!

Derisive ridicule of religion and things that make them mad. But insightful about why. These guys express more coherently and concisely the outrage I feel, splutter and yell about in the privacy of my car. Very intertwining and laugh out loud funny when the derisive ridicule hits full stride. I was seen at a stop light laughing my head off. Something about stoning being created when stones were the height of technology. Great job! Keep it up!

Love this show

It's fantastic, and makes me laugh and make it though my day in my monotonous factory job.

Informative, angering and funny!

Thanks guys!! Keep it up!

These guys crack my $#!+ up

It's like being at happy hour with good friends. I listen on the way to work and they always put me in a good mood. Thanks guys, keep it up

Offensive,Irreverent, Amazing!

This is the only podcast where I find myself shocked, offended, and doubled over in laughter, all from the same joke. Tom and Cecil are hilarious in the way they handle the horrible people and horrible stories found in the realm of news, religion, and politics every week.

I'm basically a junkie for this show

This show is vile, disgusting, insulting, profane, brash, and always hilarious. I only discovered it this week and have listened to it constantly throughout my work days. Living in the evangellically-occupied South, this is catharsis to listen to. In fact, the sheer possibilities of what will happen if Cruz gets the Republican nomination and the endless fodder it will produce for these dudes is almost enough to hope it happens in some sick way. See? This is what depravity this show inspires. Keep it up, Gloryhole mf-ers.

Sense of Humor

Bring a sense of humor when joining these guys through an irreverent look at the world. The disclaimer at the start of the show is accurate.

So much love ... twisted, macabre, hilarious love

When your sense of humor finds itself on the edge of a deep, dark pit, with signs all around warning, "Do Not Enter!", does it cautiously back away? Or does it whip out a shovel and start enlarging the hole? If the answer is the latter, this is the podcast for you! Even though I know the show only comes out once a week, I'm always pawing at the Refresh symbol on my phone days before a release, like a whimpering dog left on the wrong side of a door. Come on, let your id out for a little romp with Tom and Cecil! Share your enthusiasm with the unititiated at your peril, though. I once found myself blurting out, "NO ONE does aborted fetuses like Tom and Cecil!" REALLY shuts down a conversation, let me tell ya.

Glory hole!!!

I absolutely love this podcast! I have an hour commute to work & these guys have me laughing all the way! I found them back in November and listened from the first podcast. I ended up donating on Patreon after I'd listened to all of their podcasts because I wanted more Tom and Cecil.

Bringing the Funny to Calling it Like it is

Still way, way into it after so many episodes. Hats off to you boys. Thanks (Cecil) for all the hard work. ;-) (That's right, I winky faced. And no, I'm not embarrassed about that. Much.)

Love this show!

Been listening to these guys for a while and they are my favorite. I'm always laughing out loud wherever I am listening to this show.




I love this show. My abs hurt from laughing so hard. Yes I am outragously out of shape, but this show is also that funny.

Great show

Funny and at times intelligent

I shouldn't listen at work

Most of my podcast time is while I'm at work. I'm a custodian in an elementary school. I listen to these two and walk around with a stupid grin on my face and may have even laughed out loud a time or two. I love when they pick on the different states. Except when they picked on WI. That made me mad. ;) They are truly one of my favorite podcasts.

Adjoining Houses

Love the show, maybe to replace the studio you guys should get adjoining houses so you can have wacky 80's hijinks.

You want a five star review? Fine!

Love the show. It might make you dumber for listening but you'll thank yourself later. Gloryhole!


Good job? Good enough really.


How did I exist before podcasts? I was an atheist alone, who never talked about religion to anyone. Tom and Cecil are like my secret atheist best friends, who rip apart the hypocrisy of powerful religious people. I always listen to the podcast as soon as it downloads, because it is so sweet to spend that hour crying myself with laughter.

Listen and enjoy

Great podcast! I normally don't leave reviews but am posting this in hope that they will stop whining about posting reviews. Tiny url be with you