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Horrifying Freedom

If low brow humor is your style and you still giggle at the most absurd things in life, you'll find a home here.

Assfarts and boobiejuice

This podcast kills you with laughter and will create enemies out of your family if they heard you listen to it.

Better than sitting at church

When I searched Cognitive Dissonance to give these guys a review, there was also a podcast about prayer healing through christ (doesn't even deserve proper noun capitalization). Well that's called delusional but anyways this podcast rocks my tiny url!

It's demonic!

"Woe to these podcasters, who send their message over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, they make him twice as fit for hell as they are!" (Matthew 23:15, suitably cherry-picked) "And they shall be thrown in the lake of fire, which name is called Michigan." (Revelation 20:14, adapted). "And the barbed tongue of Satan shall lick at the flayed soles of their feet for a thousand years." (Made up completely 14:6) Yet saith He you will see still greater abominations. Then He brought me to the entrance of the court, and when I looked, behold, a hole in the wall." (Ezekiel 8:6-7, verbatim). What's not to like?

Best show ever

I love this show so much I've listened to every episode and I laugh like a madman at least once in each one best outlet for my messed up and weird sense of humor ever

Cognitive Dissoance, the irreverent podcast.

I listen to this podcast at work and I always end up laughing out loud. These guys are extremely funny but what I like about this podcast is not the comedy, that is a plus, is their honesty. I don’t agree with all of their positions but they bring up interesting points to political, religious, and social issues with a touch of humor. I recommend it to anyone but keep in mind, the Explicit tag is there for a reason.

Fun show

A fun way to hear topics of the week. I have been listening for about 6 months and going back to there earlier podcasts and love what I hear. I just need to figure out What a Glory Hole is ?


The first time I listened to your show my boss came over and told me that I was laughing to hard. I had to pause it and gain my composure before listening to again. I really love listening to you guys. Keep up the awesome work! Gloryhole!

So many lines crossed

I often feel ashamed that I laugh so hard, and I still can't stop listening.


Finally got a computer, downloaded iTunes so i can listen while I play games. Love you guys so much im listening all over again


These guys have brought endless laughs into my jiggly belly. Love it. Gloryhole

Not Our Views

Unfortunately we can not officially endorse the views of Tom and Cecil. But unofficially, they are hilarious! They skewer the things in the news that cause you to roll or eyes and shake your head. You should give them a listen.

Prepare to clutch your pearls

I love bolth of these guys! (Not a typo). I've listened to every episode for a couple years now and I'm never disappointed. Finally got around to rating. Glory hole.

These guys make me laugh

And one of them is called Cecil, which I also think is pretty funny.


Love it!!

Best Atheist Podcast

This is the best fun and offensive atheist podcast out there. Hilarious commentary on the world of crazy right wing fundamentalist theist news. There is really something special about it. There are a couple hundred hours of episodes, and it's well worth diving into. I have never reviewed anything in my life... I'm 30 years old. These guys have made me laugh so many times, I owed it to them. Gloryhole my friends.

Soldiers and Glory Holes

Monday morning PT is much more bearable knowing that I'll be listening to the newest episode shortly after. Tranny sacks and fanny packs, Matt.

Thanks but

I gave you four stars because I so appreciate what you are doing. That said I'm a new listener and the very first episode opened with a talk about the militants in Oregon. You really got the basis wrong and as a critical thinking show I kind of expected you to dig deeper than the reasons (false reasons) the militant group gave for the occupation

Super duper awesomely funny stuff

When I need to get through the day, week, month…. I listen to Cognitive Dissonance. They are super hilarious. Yes, you will be offended, but that’s half the fun. Laugh, cry, bleed out your ears. It’s the best stuff since awesome. Glory hole!

Funny blog well produced

Great blog Well produced Infectious laugh from hosts


satisfies the depraved human inside me that hates maniacal idiots in the media.

Totally hilarious

One of my favorite podcasts :)

Irreverently Good

This is one of the few podcasts that I listen too on a weekly basis. The hosts are great and obviously enjoy what they do. As a biology teach in the south I can say that their show is a great moral booster!

One of my favorites

This is one of the funniest podcasts of this type I have ever listened to. I look forward to every episode.

The guy with non-discerning tastes

I enjoy this show, this show I like. It's Prodution value is to be admired and emulated. If you listen to Cog Diss long enough, you may become a betted stronger and faster person then you ever were before.

Always great

Tom and Cecil really put their hearts into this podcast. I love the guests, their laughs, the inappropriate jokes. My favorite podcast by far!

Funny and refreshing

Living adjacent to hubris everyday, these men remind me that independent thinking does exist.

The wake up call America needs!

Just Listen Enough said.

Giant Worms

I tried to rate this one star but accidentally clicked on five stars. I'm just too lazy to change it back. Egg nog.