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Five star shows

Five stars all around.

Great Podcast

Smart, funny commentary.

Thomus froum georggiah

Thom n seesill r satinists butt their funee

These guys are awesome!

Very funny informative show. I never miss an episode.

Great show!

They hold nothing back, and that makes for an awesome show where nothing is safe from the skeptical eye.

Only listen if you enjoy laughter

These two have created a masterpiece of a podcast.

Funny as hell!

This podcast is great! It took me a little bit of time to get used to the hardcore humor but I love it now. The skeptical nature of the hosts of the podcast leads to rational and well thought out hilarious dialog.

Hilarious and informative

Thanks for all the laughs!!!


Great show!! Love you guys! Y'all make me laugh and shake my head at the craziness of the stories y'all find. One thing I would say is that it'd be cool to hear y'all interview people who don't agree with your POV or maybe someone who at least differs on some topics. There's a couple of topics I think y'all tend to be a little closed minded about, so it would be interesting to hear an intelligent debate with someone who may have a different opinion to offer to some topics. All in all though this is my new favorite podcast and I've been binge listening to only this podcast since I found it.

years of entertainment

I've been listening for 4 years and haven't missed any episode.

Alright already!

This podcast is awesome! If you love hilarious, offensive and informative things there is nothing better! After a year with my ear to the glory-hole I am finally giving in to the pushy hosts and writing a review. Love the show guys! You make my Monday's far more tolerable.

Great show!!!

I'm a firefighter from Nashville with a ton of downtime in between calls and this show never disappoints. They are hilarious and their observations on religious and political topics are incredibly funny. Keep it up!!! There are now three of us who listen to you on a regular basis at my station.

I laugh and nod

These guys are smart and funny and their take on the stories of today from a skeptics informed perspective are right on.

Skeptical, funny, and irreverent

Do yourself a favor and subscribe.


I approve of this podcast.

An amazing podcast

These guys provide a truly amazing show. I seat at my desk every Monday giggling to myself like a child. If you can't appreciate the quality of the show or their brand of comedy, then you're missing out on something special.

Smartest dumb thing you'll hear

Embodies the phrase "it's funny because it's true" to a tee. It would be a perfect 5 if there was just a little more breakdown and a hair less joking, but it still sits at the top of my charts for thought provoking, funny, and outside of the box commentary. So if you are a ardent neo-conservative, homophobic, racist, Trump supporter you should probably download this ASAP. You need the reality check. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the glory hole.

Tom and Cecil FTW!

Funny, informational (sometimes), and always worth a listen.

There is now a welcome mat!

Hooray! Gloryhole

Such a great show

Been a long-time listener, first time reviewer. You guys rock. Because screw anyone who doesn't like Eli, and screw them harder for throwing a 1-star tantrum even if they disagree. Gloryhole!

One of the best podcasts around

I've been binge listening to these guys for a solid month now and cannot recommend them enough. Absolutely hilarious

Great stuff

Love it


This show is perfect as long as you think to yourself "I am a piece of human garbage who will laugh at Dick jokes and Catholic priest rape jokes". As long as you meet that criteria, this show is for you, just as it is for me. So if that sounds like you, I'll see you on the other side of the Gloryhole (studios).

These guys are hilarious!

Love these guys! I've been listening for a while, but I'm just getting time to review it! Awesome show! No subject is off limits and their humor is crass, but in such an amazing way!

Great show!

While this show isn’t for everyone (they let you know that in the intro), this is one of my personal favorite shows. I (glory) (w)hole(y) stand behind them, or it, or … I’ve said too much.

Great Artist Podcast

I love how they expose the hypocrisy in the Christian community. Makes for a great ride home.

Not for the faint of heart!!

If you are ready for a no holds barred fun riot, this is the podcast for you. I love, love this show and look forward to next episode. It’s taken me while, but I have listened to all the back episodes. They say what I am thinking and reminds me that I am not the only one with these ideas. Glory hole MFRS!

elijah m.

so glad i stumbled onto this podcast. these guys tell it how it is with no sugar coating. thats why i like it so much. if your a nancy-boy, youll probably get offended at some point and i like that. i "pray" that you two keep putting episodes out for a long time to come

Glory hole

One of the best foul mouthed atheist podcast out there. Funny and intelligent; the hosts can pull a news article apart intellectually/philosophically or make fart jokes about it, and either way it works.