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Freakin' phenomenal!

These guys are not only entertaining but they also shed a little light on some unconventional or under reported stories. Even if one does not fully agree with their positions or arguments, Cecil & Tom at least start the conversation. Love this podcast.

Fantastic show

10/10, I recommend this to any skeptic

A must!

This is the one podcast I consistently listen to every week.

Seth FTW!

Seth delivers a great show with great guests and production value. Keep up the good work!!

The National Lampoon Lives!

Listening to Tom and Cecil is like hanging out with a couple of buds talking about the insanity of religion and politics. These guys are smart, insightful, crude, blasphemous, generous, and just plain real. It reminds me of the old National Lampoon magazine that held nothing sacred. Good, filthy, fun...

Cognitive excellence

Awesome finally Americans being sensible thought provoking but ducking funny. Love the take on the topics from another Aussie (from the land that everything wants to kill you)!


This is the funniest podcast I have ever listened to. These guys are great company.

Typical Atheists

These guys are hilarious and smart. Just love it. I have been going back in time listening to all episodes and am at episode 17 (down from 250).

LOVE this show

This show is incredible. It's hilarious. Tom and Cecil are great. They are very relatable, feels like they are friends I get to hang out with once a week (or all day if I listen to the back catalogue). Sorry it took so long to review, I am not a big reviewer, but feel I should as they have given me hours and hours of joy and entertainment. 5 isn't enough stars!!! Keep it up guys!!

Funny as hell!

Love their humor. Lots of fun to listen to. The segways are awesome!

This guys are hilarious!

And, you learn stuff, too.

Funny as Hell

Anyone who doesn't give these guys five stars doesn't has a sense of humor.

"Great" Show

Please stop attacking the logical fallacies and immorality on which my religious dogma and political views stand. Attacking and ridiculing the views I represent is absolutely necessary to move this country forward, which is why I vehemently oppose your show.

Required Listening

This podcast is first on my weekly Required Listening list. Tom and Cecil laugh and joke along with the most depressing news that comes up every week and make even sad stories have something funny to laugh at (or to laugh at themselves over some perceived fault). It is hard to not smile at their bad jokes, crude humor, and general irreverence.


Full of laughs and a lot of fun.

Adore this podcast

Tom and Cecil are fantastic. Love every minute, including when they can't stop laughing. The more you guffaw, the more I do as well. Thank you for this show; please don't stop.

Hilarity and Insight

Hard to believe such excellent content is free. Be sure to donate at Patreon if you can!

Very funny

Truly not for the easily offended.

Love IT

Listening each week is a treat. Love this show!


i keep going back to the Cognitive Dissonance well for funny stuff, news, and sharp verbal abuse of the crazies who run our world. Thought experiment: imagine waking up one morning and discovering that everyone you know, everyone you don’t know, and everyone else has come to passionately, truly believe that they are living in a haunted forest and that they are constantly threatened by hostile elves, gnomes and fairies. Well, welcome to my world! This podcast is here to show you not everyone has succumbed to the big delusion. Welcome, stranger!

Listen to this!

I love these guys. I'm a delivery driver and I want to thank them for making all episodes available because I am re-living 2011 with them now haha.

My favorite podcast

LOVE! Even better the second time.

The best informative, and entertaining podcast out there!

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! These guys share my brand of humor in an intelligent, down to earth discussion about current events, religion and news. Keep up the good work. It's refreshing to hear these guys plow their way through the absurd BS that's happening around the world today.

The deep dish pizza of podcasts

There are so many smart, entertaining, educational, well produced podcasts out there...but I always look forward to this one the most. Gloryhole! Take the title however you will!

Truth Through Self Depreciation

Cognitive Dissonance has some of the funniest observances about the all of depressing horrors and injustices done in the name of religion and/or deities. Glory Hole!

That dog will hunt

Great show guys. Always entertaining and interesting conversation. Gloryhole!!

Best Out There Period

This doesn’t need to be said, but I’m proud to be one of many to say it. One of the best out there… might even be THE best. GLORY HOLE!

Binge listening now!

Theses guys are hilarious, they are entertaining, and they keep me wanting to listen more. I've only just started following the show, but I'm already hooked! Keep it up guys!

Glory hole


These guys are great!

I look forward so much to every new podcast.