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Very bad show

This is the worst podcast I have ever heard. But fortunately for Tom and Cecil, I have terrible I like it! Glory Hole!

A laugh riot

I have to be careful listening to this at work (with bluetooth headset) because there are times that I just want to burst out laughing. I can't always help myself. If you're looking for in-depth analysis and deep philosophical discussion, this isn't the podcast for you. However, if you're looking for bust-a-gut hilarious discussion of current events and the statements of the goofier theists, you can't do any better than this.

Cognitive Dissonance is awesome!

One of the best pod cast around. Not only informative but funny as hell!!!!

Top 5 Podcast

I look forward to every episode. Tom and Cecil put out arguably the best show available along with "Thomas and the Bible", "Puck Off", "Joe Rogan Podcast", and bo(l)th that Noah and Heath broadcast.

Love these two!

Love you guys. You make Monday more bearable!!

Very well done!

Oh, great. Exactly what we need: two fat, white, Americans that record in glory hole studios. Wait a minute... That's freaking awesome! This isn't the podcast that we wanted. It's the podcast that we gave blowies to crackheads for.

My absolute favorite podcast

Best podcast out there! Hilarious, insightful, and an all around good time!!

Two Guys-No Religion

Glory BE and all hail Tom & Cecil! As a former white bread, christian/Catholic, one time Woo believer, who came to the "dark side" of atheism a few years ago, I find Tom and Cecil, minty fresh (And I think they kill germs?) Love their candor, wit and ongoing banter related to the latest insanity purported by the religious whackos, the government elected by them or Woo supporters (don't get me started on the non-Gmo-ers, anti-vaccers or other science deniers!) Love the show and love the actual clips or my favorite Pastor Manning! (I cannot believe that guy is real!) So kick up your feet, grab a semen latte from Starbucks and enjoy this little gem! Gloryhole!

Yep! I'm a fan!

Recently started listening. Love your voices, love your humor, love everything about the show! Thank you for making my pointless, valueless, absent of all morals atheist life a little brighter. If zombie Jesus were real I'd personally thank him every night for the existence of Tom & Cecil.

Laugh your conscience off

You know that feeling, where you’re reading the news and realize just how horrible some people are, and then terribly offensive jokes pop into your head that you can’t share with polite company and you think, “oh crap i’m horrible too!” If you would just let go and embrace those horrible thoughts, that would be this show. I cannot think of higher praise.



Incedible Podcast

Enjoy every episode and have enjoyed the podcasts of many of your guests such as the Scathing Athiest and Inkredulous (well atleast what little there is). Thanks guys!

Funny, but...

You really should listen to this podcast, since, other than inkredulis (which happens so seldom that it probably can't be classified as a podcast) it is simply the funniest podcast in the skeptical world. Sorry S W/ a K, SGU, etc.). OTOH there are some caveats: 1. The boys do pick some really low hanging fruit, but that's fine. 2. Every once in a while they overstep their boundries and make statements based on other than fact. 3. There may be alcohol involved.

One of the Funniest Shows Ever

This podcast is beyond funny! Tom and Cecil have made me laugh so hard I've had to pull my car over to avoid crashing...multiple times. Oh, and anytime these guys get together with Noah and Heath from Scathing Atheist, be prepared to laugh harder than you ever thought possible.

Not for everyone...

...but definitely for me! These two crack me up and make my work day bearable. Since finding these two from Cash's AOA show, I've been slogging through the back catalog - up to episode 193 so far. Heed the disclaimer...this is not a show for kids, the sensitive or faint of heart. But if you're constitutionally able to withstand the storm of profanity, blasphemy and pedo priest jokes, you'll find a moral message of warmth, humility, compassion and justice...unfettered by the insanity of religion. Keep up the excellent work, Tom and Cecil. Gloryhole!


Best of the worst about religion

A Breath of Fresh, Skeptical Air

This delightfully irreverent podcast will make you think and laugh out loud. Not necessarily in that order. Secular humanist who is increasingly depressed about the state of the union? This may not be a cure, but it will definitely ameliorate some of the symptoms. The hosts warm relationship and infectious laughter will help you fall on the laughter side of the 'well, you can laugh about it or cry about it' equation that describes both American and international news today. I'm burying this part of the review at the bottom because so very many people are scared of the 8 F word today (f e m i n i s m), but these guys are firm advocates of equal rights and protection for women. They (*gasp*)advocate the view that women, much like men, are fully actualized beings with every bit as much worth and dignity as our more urinal-friendly counterparts. It is difficult to overstate how critical men like this are to this struggle. So, thanks Tom and Cecil! For the support and the much-needed laughter. PS: Yes, they swear a lot. I personally adore that. Perhaps it's extra-funny when you live in Utah and have heard 'jimminy freaking christmas' used as a swearword without the slightest trace of irony.

From the desk of P-Robes

Glory Hole from your biggest fan!!!

Almost as funny as Pat Robertson advice. Almost.

That being said...hands down the best podcast ever.

See Below

Essential podcast in correctly calculating the rapture.

Awesome show!

A perfect mix of atheism and other topics to keep things interesting every episode.

So funny!

I started listening to this for my commute when Reasonable Doubts stopped putting out regular podcasts, and I’ve really been enjoying it. These guys are really funny and smart, but don’t show it off. Keep it up, you guys!

Is good

Good podcast number 1

King of the Skeptical Podcasts

Love these guys and love the show. Thanks guys!

A Pair of Geniuses? No.

I'd prefer to call these guys a comedic duo. A comedic duo that manages to inform me on current events, make me question everyday debauchery that otherwise whizzes over my head, AND laugh through each and every episode. Easily my favorite podcast, although I feel they may be the death of me. Good work, glory hole.

Tom & Cecil Rock

These two are bare knuckle funny, of course they are their knuckles barely got up off the ground. The combination of irreverence, and insight is great. Cecil, thanks for doing so much work to make it look easy to be good. Tom…ummm Anyway, these guys bring the funny, “E” ratings are judiciously applied.

Fine Dining at its Best

Tom and Cecil give a biased view using questionable sources while laughing incessantly at their own immature jokes, and possibly wolfing down a shared Chick-Fil-A. Actually, I am lying: these two would each get their own Chick-Fil-A. Okay, I am still lying: except for on one occasion, they wouldn’t eat a Chick-Fil-A; they would get a bucket of KFC each. When I want a good skeptical podcast, I go to Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. When I want to laugh myself silly with a creative and well thought out social commentary of the outrageous things that people can do, I listen to Cognitive Dissonance. Glory hole: you guys rock! (I just wish there was a welcome mat...)

Awesome show!

These two are super funny, completely irreverent AND actually quite intelligent & well spoken when they show their serious side! A real pleasure to listen to on the commute to and from work everyday.

Love this show!

Everyone that wants the depressing news of today in an interesting and hilarious way should listen NOW. Going to listen for as long as they keep making episodes.


Cognitive Dissonance is a desert island choice for me. Tom and Cecil are smart, funny and oh, so entertaining! I am a Patreon member and I suggest that everyone who listens should be one too. Five stars is not enough...... I wish there were more (lol)