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So darn smart (and goofy)

I can always count on these guys to be smart, fun and entertaining.

Just… wow

I can’t believe I’ve listened to these clowns laugh at themselves for 240 episodes. I’m so mad I could just write a review. Gloryhole, dudes.

I want to grow up to be just like Tom & Cecil

The humor, the irreverence, the laughs. You men inspire and challenge me to expose the cognitive dissonance I am surrounded by daily. Thanks for all the news and laughs. I share all that crazy you dig up with all my friends and they love you too. Look forward to new episodes as soon as I finish the current one. ⏰

Love the show!

Thanks for making this podcast! Entertaining and interesting!

Very Helpful Podcast

Thanks for all your work on this show. I can't imagine a week without it.


I love this show!

In a word, @#!%

Cognitive Dissonance is much like that raucous conversation you hear at the end of the bar while you drink your sorrows away, wishing you could be having as much fun as those two schmucks. I personally want to thank Tom and Cecil for making every week even more depressing with their witty banter, as they carelessly reinforce the knowledge that I lack any social skills to develop any meaningful fraternal relationships. F--k you Tom, f--k you Cecil. I don't need your "rabelaisian humor". I don't need your "relevant social commentary". I don't need your worldview based on "empirical evidence and testable claims". I can make my own opinions! That's right, that's right, I'm my own man! I'm going to go out and make new friends, I'm going to take this world by the horns and wrestle from it the life I deserve! Waaaaaa!!! Who am I kidding? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Oh God, Tom and Cecil, don't ever stop making this podcast it's all I've got to look forward to.

Hilarious Podcast!

Tom and Cecil are hilarious in this podcast. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Turns frustration into much needed laughter

When I first deconverted I listened to podcasts with intelligent people...then I found Cecil and Tom and realized Ignorance truly is Bliss!! But seriously- once I felt comfortable and knowledgeable enough to defend my disbelief, I was looking for something that would do more than simply reinforce what I already knew. I love how this podcast stays relevant with current issues while also providing endless entertainment and laughter. When I am driving around town, I look forward to listening because I can actually find comic relief in the super frustrating world I live in - in Texas where I am surrounded by religious conservative republican nutjobs. I love how Tom and Cecil are completely irreverent but yet extremely thoughtful at the same time. They are candid and crack each other up like two guys drinking beer in the basement together (or smoking weed ). I think often times we skeptics find it hard to find likeminded people and therefore may be overly serious and lonely in our skepticism. But listening to this podcast and also hearing the recordings and things from other listeners really goes a long way in making me feel part of an awesome group. I am a 46 year old mother of 2 and I absolutely love this podcast!!


I listen to this whilst at work, which is perfect to combat the TBN rubbish that spews from my boss’ office. It’s a bit of subversion that makes my day bearable :) Thanks guys, and glory hole

Top of my list

Irreverent, topical and infectious humor. For me, a not-to-miss podcast.

My favorite podcast!

Cognitive Dissonance is great! This is an absolutely fantasticly hilarious skeptic podcast. Tom and Cecil kill me with their contagious laughter. It's horribly inappropriate, offensive, and vulgar; I can't get enough! I've listened to all 237 episodes so far. Thank you Cecil and Tom for the fabulous podcast. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.


Funny show. Covers a wide variety of topics. Offensive to some, hilarious to others. 5/5 would listen to again. Doubt even this.

Best Ever!!!

These guys are hilarious. Best podcast each week.

Makes me hard

This show makes me laugh so hard that I now have hard washboard abs, what did you think I meant when I said this show made me hard ? Get your mind out the gutter! Glory hole M-f'ers.

Good stuff

Making my work driving more enjoyable, even if I have to roll up the windows at busy intersections

You don't know how reviews work guys.

Tom... Cecil... I really wish I didn't like this show so I could give it one star. GHMF.

Love It!

I love this podcast! The hosts have great chemistry and play off each other the way good friends do. They are smart & their take on current events is spot on. But it isn't dry like many editorial, current events podcasts can be. These guys will have you laughing right along with them as they skewer any topic. So hop through the "glory hole" and give them a listen. You won't be sorry.

Laughing All The Way to Hell

I've been listening to these guys for a while, and they seem to get better and better. They have a knack for taking the most vile and horrible things that religion, stupidity, and ignorance fling at the world, and make me laugh through all of it. They are wholly glorious!

Sweet. They round up the crazies so you don't have to.

Love it. - love the relationship with us living in Oz.

Love These Guys

I first heard them when they came on The Thinking Atheist as guests. I found their easy humor a refreshing contrast to the serious attitude of other skeptic show. Cognitive Dissonance is very much a preaching to the quire show, and I wouldn't use this as a regular scource of news and current events; but you can rest assured that you will bust your gut laughing.

Keep up the good work!

Worst podcast I have ever heard. But I only listen to two and the other is the Thinking Atheist, so don't feel to bad.

I love this podcast

Excellent mix of terrible humor and even worse commentary about political nonsense. Perfect for people who know nothing on important subjects and wish to continue to know more nothings on important subjects. Basically just a show to have murmering on in the background, but not in a central room in the house. All that aside I really do love this podcast, these guys are awesome and for some people it's good to hear a little spark of sense in the craziness.

Never miss it

I feel bad having waited so long to give up my five stars. Tom & Cecil are amazing 😀 Now I'm off the buy the app. Glory Hole, George NYC

Real Talk, No BS, Funny as Hell!

Whenever I listen to CD I'm busting out laughing every 5 minutes. These guys are killing it! They round out the otherwise rather straight laced, calm, less foul mouthed world of Skepticism. Keep up the great work! Ps. More F-words please and thank you. :)

So funny my sides hurt

I am new to this podcast, but I love it already. Podcasters Tom and Cecil present skeptically-themed news items, discuss them, and appear to have no filter between their brains and their mouths. I was laughing the whole way through.

Empty bladder before listening

This is really really hilarious! They say what you think. Daring! Provocative! Thoughtful! Weird and weirdly appealing! And truly funny as all hell.

A good time down at the glory hole

I have made my way almost entirely through the back catalog now and this is a show that started great and just kept getting better. Tom and Cecil are hilarious and I love being able to laugh along with them at idiots. This is not a show that will convert anyone, but if you wonder how anyone can take pat Robertson, Rick wiles, Glenn beck and their sort seriously this is the show for you.