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Real Talk, No BS, Funny as Hell!

Whenever I listen to CD I'm busting out laughing every 5 minutes. These guys are killing it! They round out the otherwise rather straight laced, calm, less foul mouthed world of Skepticism. Keep up the great work! Ps. More F-words please and thank you. :)

So funny my sides hurt

I am new to this podcast, but I love it already. Podcasters Tom and Cecil present skeptically-themed news items, discuss them, and appear to have no filter between their brains and their mouths. I was laughing the whole way through.

Empty bladder before listening

This is really really hilarious! They say what you think. Daring! Provocative! Thoughtful! Weird and weirdly appealing! And truly funny as all hell.

A good time down at the glory hole

I have made my way almost entirely through the back catalog now and this is a show that started great and just kept getting better. Tom and Cecil are hilarious and I love being able to laugh along with them at idiots. This is not a show that will convert anyone, but if you wonder how anyone can take pat Robertson, Rick wiles, Glenn beck and their sort seriously this is the show for you.