NO Evidence Blood Washing Treats Long Covid - SCAMMER ALERT

You can NOT wash Covid out of your blood! That’s not something we ever thought we would have to say prior to 2020 ,but here we are.

We look at the British Investigation into apheresis or blood filtering being used to bilk folks suffering from Long Covid from their life savings. Thanks in large part to the American Right Wing Grift Machine ,the floodgates have been opened for all kinds of quacks to peddle snake oil all around the world.

Once again ,grifters are offering unproven treatments (at a premium of course) to people who are desperate for a cure to symptoms science hasn’t caught up to yet. YET. Modern science WILL get there ,but please don’t fund the grifters and pseudoscience that will never get there.

Repeat after us: Anecdotes are not Evidence. Unproven Treatment is NOT treatment. There is no such thing as “alternative medicine”. There is *medicine* that works ,and there is *not medicine* aka whatever snake oil salespeople like Beate Jaeger are hawking.