Episode 592: A Horse Is a Horse

Show Notes

'Dear Dad, It's Just A Pinch' — Readers Share Letters Inspired By Vaccine Hesitancy

The FDA Is Begging You Not to Take Horse Dewormer for Covid-19

Dan Patrick Blames COVID-19 Surge On Black Residents

Alabama man threatens Walmart with "execution" for giving Covid shots

Mike Lindell Accuses TruNews of Being a 'Fake News' Front Established by Media Matters

Anti-Defamation League Calls On Maine Lawmaker To Apologize After Comparing Mills To Nazi Doctor

Former Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz Likens Mask Mandates to the Holocaust

North Carolina is child bride destination; bill could end it

Biden administration approves largest increase to food assistance benefits in SNAP program history

Christian Blogger Shames Working Moms: Your Kid May Have Sex If You’re Not Home

Opinion | A More Secular America Is Not Just a Problem for Republicans

Hospitals and Insurers Didn’t Want You to See These Prices. Here’s Why.

Taliban tell Afghan women to stay home because soldiers are 'not trained' to respect them

Zambian prophet trying to recreate resurrection of Jesus dies after being buried alive