Episode 590: Binomial Factor

Show Notes

'Expert Mathematician' on Election Fraud Actually a Swing Set Installer, Lawsuit Claims

Federal Judge Rejects Dismissal of Dominion Defamation Lawsuits

Tennessee pastor: Governor a 'coward,' 'chicks' in hospitals doing 'Tik Tok dances'

Woman Sues McDonald's, Saying Burger Ad Caused Her to Break Lent Fast

Pastor Already Accused of Raping Child Admits There’s a Second Victim

Federal government sends ventilators to Florida as DeSantis says he's unaware of shipment

Pastor Joshua Feuerstein says "you don't need the vaccine, you got Jesus" as Delta surges

Josh Mandel Vows to 'Blow Up the System' if Elected to US Senate, Says 'The Time for Civility Has Passed'