Episode 589: Some "Regerts

Show Notes

New Jersey governor tears into group of vaccine protestors: 'You are the ultimate knuckleheads'

Top RNC official in Florida spreads Covid-19 conspiracies, calling vaccines the ‘mark of the beast’

Attendees at Republican event cheered Alabama’s low COVID vaccination rate

Sen. Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID-19

Trump's coup came so close to working — do the American people even care?

People are less tolerant of atheists expressing their beliefs at work compared to Christians, Muslims, or Jews

Pastor Tony Spell: “We Refuse to Comply” With Any Mask or Vaccine Mandates

Madison Cawthorn Tweet Sparks Suspicions He’s Part Of Trump’s Shadow ‘Cabinet’

Newt Gingrich Goes Full ‘Great Replacement Theory’ on Fox

Arkansas' GOP governor wants to undo ban on mask mandates

Christian MAGA Cultists Claims COVID Vaccines “Violate… the Nuremberg Code”

MAGA Cultist Pastor Screams at Church Members: “Do Not Get Vaccinated!”