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It was great to have TGIA with us this week! Make sure to subscribe, follow, and support them at:

Show Notes

Five hitmen jailed after every single one hired the other to carry out a murder that was never committed

Biden White House Easter remarks included zero mentions of Jesus

GOP Group Warns Donors Not to Opt Out of Monthly Donations

Tucker Carlson Defends ‘Zip-Tie Guy’ Capitol Riot Suspect Munchel

TIGAProfile Photo


Hey. You ever feel like the only rational, thinking person in the room? You ever get the sense that 99% of the people in your area are complete idiots willing to believe anything they’re told as long as someone says god says so?

Good news! It’s really only about 85%! The other 13% – 16% are actually atheists like you (higher in Canada and Europe)! Smart, thinking people who, at some point or other, realized that the concept of a magic daddy in the sky who grants wishes to good little boys and girls is every bit as stupid as it sounds, and turned to a life of godlessness.

Well, kids, that’s what this site is all about. Celebrating rational thought, enjoying intelligent and reasoned discourse, and gently pointing out the gaping logical holes and utterly ridiculous notions inherent in theistic belief.

So here’s how this works: If you love Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, you’re probably going to HATE this site. If you love Jesus or Mohammad more than you love your parents and take it personally if nobody says “god bless you” after you sneeze, I’m guessing it won’t be for you, either.

If, however, you have a sense of humor and enjoy a bit of good-natured ribbing of the believing set, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to put the fun in fundamentalists (they already put the mental in)!